Toyota, FIA Want to Lure Subaru Back to the WRC: Report

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Toyota, FIA Aim to Bring Subaru Back to WRC: Insightful Report

Toyota and FIA Collaborate to Recruit Subaru for WRC

Subaru, renowned for its past presence in the World Rally Championship (WRC), could be on the brink of a sensational return to the rallying scene. FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem hinted at a possible Subaru comeback during a recent interview at the Acropolis Rally, indicating Toyota’s willingness to support Subaru’s potential re-entry into the WRC. The Japanese automaker had withdrawn from the championship over a decade ago amidst global economic upheavals.

Subaru’s Rally Legacy and Prospects

Subaru boasts an illustrious WRC history with multiple driver and manufacturer championship victories in the 1990s and early 2000s. Despite its absence from the global stage in recent years, Subaru has excelled in American rallying, demonstrating its rally prowess. The current WRC Rally1 regulations hold promise for Subaru to easily construct a competitive vehicle, possibly based on the sleek WRX model, although specifics on the model choice remain undisclosed.

Toyota’s Role and Potential Subaru WRC Car

Given Toyota’s existing involvement in the WRC, some might find it peculiar that the automaker is backing Subaru’s potential WRC return. However, with the championship struggling to attract a diverse range of manufacturers, Subaru’s re-entry could invigorate the competition. Toyota’s 20% stake in Subaru further aligns the two automakers’ interests, making it mutually beneficial for Toyota to support Subaru’s rallying ambitions.

A New Dawn for WRC

The addition of Subaru to the WRC would undoubtedly inject new energy into the championship, fostering fierce competition and captivating fans worldwide. With Toyota possibly offering engines to Subaru for the project, the financial burden on Subaru could significantly reduce, paving the way for a compelling return to rallying glory. The rallying community eagerly anticipates Subaru’s potential comeback, eager to witness the rekindling of its rallying legacy.


The prospect of Subaru’s return to the WRC signifies a thrilling chapter in the world of rallying. With Toyota and FIA actively working towards enticing Subaru back to the championship, the rallying landscape could witness a resurgence of competition and excitement. Fans and enthusiasts await Subaru’s potential comeback with bated breath, hopeful for a triumphant return to the rallying elite.


1. When did Subaru last compete in the WRC?

Subaru’s last participation in the WRC was in 2008 before withdrawing during the global financial crisis.

2. What models could Subaru use for its potential WRC entry?

While Subaru’s specific model choice for its WRC entry remains undisclosed, the current WRX stands out as a viable option for its rally venture.

3. How could Toyota benefit from supporting Subaru’s WRC comeback?

Toyota’s backing of Subaru’s potential WRC return could introduce fresh competition to the championship, benefiting both the sport and the collaborating automakers.

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