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After acing your driving exam and finally laying your hands on your dream car, it’s essential to ensure its longevity by mastering some essential car maintenance tips. By having the knowledge to address minor car troubles on your own, you can significantly reduce your expenditure on car upkeep. Every novice driver should have a basic grasp of the following three pointers. Be sure to give them a read. 

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Monitor Battery Health

Battery discharge can be deceptively tricky. Despite taking precautions, you may find your car failing to start one day. If you use your vehicle infrequently or for short trips, your battery may drain rapidly. Consider changing your driving routine by embarking on at least one hour-long trip weekly. Always carry a set of jumper cables in your car to revive the system in case of a breakdown due to battery issues.

Plan for Tire Emergencies

Spare tires were once commonplace. A blown tire meant you could swiftly replace it with the spare and drive home. However, modern cars often lack this feature. It’s advisable to keep a spare tire handy in case of a flat. You can purchase one from various tire suppliers like Melksham Tyre Supplies. Don’t wait for a tire mishap to strike; proactively invest in a spare tire soon after acquiring your new vehicle. 

Maintain Brake Responsiveness

Responsive brakes are crucial for safe driving. To ensure optimal brake performance, inspect them monthly. This routine check-up is vital for preserving your brakes’ condition. Test your brakes by practicing emergency stops and gradually applying and releasing the brake pedal to evaluate your car’s braking response time. Address any delays in braking immediately by visiting a mechanic. 

For new drivers, remembering these car maintenance tips is invaluable. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll know how to tackle issues efficiently! Keep these tips in mind to avoid panic and chaos on the road. 

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