Top 15 Mattresses Available for Purchase Online (2024) | Evaluated and Assessed

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One-third of your life will be spent on a mattress, underscoring the importance of selecting the right one. Begin by considering your favored sleeping position and the level of support required. Here are some pointers.

Is it preferable to acquire a firm or plush mattress? Typically, individuals with more weight and those who sleep on their back or stomach may find firmer mattresses more suitable, while individuals with lesser weight and side sleepers may prefer plush mattresses. Temperature control is also a factor: Plush mattresses tend to retain more warmth as the body sinks into fabric and foam layers. Remember that all mattresses require a break-in period, meaning the initial feel of the mattress on your first night may differ after a week or two.

Do you favor a composite or foam mattress? The key decision lies in choosing between a foam mattress or a hybrid variety that combines foam with integrated springs. Hybrids are frequently favored due to their increased stability and supportiveness, as well as better temperature regulation. Although hybrids are usually slightly more costly. Foam mattresses are typically softer, lighter, and more affordable in comparison.

What mattress size should you opt for? The prices provided below are based on the queen size, though nearly all mattresses are available in standard sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Your mattress selection should align with the dimensions of your bed frame.

How straightforward is the assembly of a bed-in-a-box? The majority of these mattresses are dispatched in a box, vacuum-sealed, and rolled up. Some may be quite weighty—up to 150 lbs—so ensure that you have assistance available. Upon unrolling your bed-in-a-box mattress and cutting open the vacuum bag, it will promptly begin to expand; therefore, make sure to unbox it on your bed frame or its vicinity. For additional guidance on setting up your online-acquired mattress, refer to our helpful guide for more insights. While most mattresses are ready for use within a few hours, manufacturers generally recommend allowing two days for them to return to their intended state.

Is it advisable to await a markdown prior to mattress purchase? Mattresses frequently undergo price reductions. If a mattress is listed at its full price, it is highly probable that significant savings can be availed by waiting for the subsequent promotion event (usually occurring at intervals of a few months).

What if you are dissatisfied with the mattress you bought online? A significant number of mattresses we have examined and endorsed offer a minimum of a 100-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee. It is recommended to review the company’s policies, as a nominal return fee might apply.

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