This Year’s Top Local News Clip: West Virginia Man’s Response to a Falling Tree Crushing a Fiat

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Early last week, a university student in West Virginia discovered her Fiat 500 completely wrecked after a tree being cut down nearby fell on it. What’s more remarkable than the smashed Fiat is the reaction captured from one onlooker.

Highlighted by WSAZ, the incident occurred on a Monday morning in Huntington. A city crew was in the process of removing a troublesome tree when a limb, previously broken off during a storm, struck a parked truck’s windshield, as recounted by onlooker Billy Tatum.

The tree wasn’t finished wreaking havoc on vehicles, though. When the crew felled the tree, it landed squarely on the nearby Fiat owned by a female student from Marshall University.

Describing the incident to a news camera, Tatum remarked, “It sounded like a crushed beer can, just a loud ‘crunch.’ I hate to admit it, but there was something fascinating about it, you know? Men enjoy destruction – that’s why we’re drawn to demolition derbies. Nevertheless, the sad truth remains that the poor girl lost her new car and now can’t commute to school.”

To fully grasp the moment, watch the quoted video.

More memorable quotes from Billy Tatum regarding the event:

“It flattened the car like a pancake from rear to end, and I just went, ‘Oops.'”

Billy astutely notes, “Mistakes happen, but some are preventable.”

“That’s just a Monday for you,” he adds.

“Unbelievable,” fittingly remarked an unidentified man in a blue shirt.

A spokesperson from the city of Huntington informed WSAZ that the crew involved was at fault for negligence and failure to adhere to proper procedures. The city has provided a rental car for the student, initiated an insurance claim, and is committed to swiftly addressing the matter to ensure full compensation for the affected family.

Though the student declined to speak with the media, her mother expressed hopes for enhanced training for city employees and the replacement of her daughter’s car.

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