This Off-Road Excursion in a Land Rover Discovery Did Not Go Well

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Off-Road Misadventure: Land Rover Discovery Stuck Under Bridge in Derbyshire

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom recently took to social media to report on an off-road incident gone wrong in Derbyshire, central England. A group of off-roaders, predominantly driving Land Rovers, allegedly caused damage to agricultural land before one vehicle ended up wedged under a footbridge after being swept into a waterway.

The Incident

The Derbyshire Rural Crime Team shared on Facebook their disappointment with the “irresponsible off-road driving morons” who tarnished the reputation of responsible off-roaders. They particularly highlighted a silver Land Rover stuck under the water crossing, questioning the driver’s misjudgment of conditions, the vehicle’s capabilities, and their own driving skills.


Located near Buxton, where the incident occurred, the police captured footage showing the Land Rover submerged under the bridge, flooded by the stream. It’s evident that the Series II Discovery involved will likely face significant damage.

Community Response

Despite the misconduct of some off-roaders, authorities acknowledged the off-road community’s assistance during Storm Eunice. However, actions such as damaging farm fields or getting stuck under bridges remain unacceptable.

Ongoing Investigation

The Derbyshire Rural Crime Team is actively searching for those responsible for the incident. Once the water levels subside, locating the owner of the flooded Discovery should be feasible. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in connection with this event.

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Off-road adventures can turn disastrous when caution is thrown to the winds. It serves as a reminder for all enthusiasts to respect the environment and drive responsibly to avoid such mishaps.


1. What led to the Land Rover getting stuck?

The Land Rover got caught under a footbridge after being swept into a waterway while off-roading on agricultural land.

2. Was there any damage caused by the incident?

Yes, the Land Rover involved in the incident suffered significant damage after being flooded under the bridge.

3. Are there any consequences for the individuals involved?

The Derbyshire Rural Crime Team is actively investigating the incident to hold the responsible individuals accountable for their actions.

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