This Children’s Museum Has an Awesome New Exhibit That Teaches Kids About Cars

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Breaking News: Children’s Museum in Holyoke Launches Innovative Car Exhibit

The Children’s Museum in Holyoke, Massachusetts, unveils a groundbreaking initiative to educate kids about cars and spark a passion for automotive technology.

The museum introduces the Automotive TECHnician Center, a hands-on exhibit allowing children to interact with a real car, learn about its mechanics, and even practice basic repairs. This unique experience is designed to inspire future generations of car enthusiasts and aspiring engineers.

Engaging Learning Experience

To enhance the educational value of the exhibit, a used Ford Fiesta donated by Marcotte Ford has been customized for instructional purposes. Children can explore the inner workings of the car, troubleshoot common issues, play with the radio, and simulate changing tires with specially-designed lightweight replicas.

Beyond Car Enthusiasm

The Automotive TECHnician Center not only fosters car enthusiasm but also ignites curiosity in technology, engineering, and design. By immersing themselves in the interactive exhibit, young visitors can discover a world of possibilities within the automotive industry.

Diverse and Inclusive Offering

In a bid to cater to a wider audience, the museum’s new exhibit is its first fully bilingual installation, featuring multilingual signage and puzzles. This inclusivity aims to reach a more diverse group of budding car enthusiasts and aspiring technicians.


The launch of the Automotive TECHnician Center at the Children’s Museum in Holyoke marks a significant step in hands-on learning and career exploration for young minds. Through this innovative exhibit, children have the opportunity to delve into the realm of automotive technology, sparking interest and enthusiasm for the future.


What age group is the Automotive TECHnician Center designed for?

The exhibit is tailored for children of various ages, providing engaging activities and educational content suitable for a wide range of young learners.

Is the exhibit only focused on cars, or does it cover other aspects of technology?

While the exhibit primarily centers around cars and automotive technology, it also encourages an interest in broader fields such as engineering and design.

How can children participate in the hands-on activities at the Automotive TECHnician Center?

Children can engage in interactive experiences by visiting the Children’s Museum in Holyoke and exploring the exhibit firsthand. The hands-on activities are designed to be fun, educational, and accessible to all young visitors.

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