This BMW E36 Broke Its Engine—Then It Became a Dream Car

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From Engine Breakdown to Dream Car: The Inspiring Journey of a BMW E36

Michael Spyropoulos: A Gearhead’s Tale

Michael Spyropoulos, a seasoned automotive enthusiast, with a legacy in elite restorations running through his veins, showcases his passion through a personal project—a ’97 BMW 3 Series. While the exterior might seem unassuming at first glance, a closer look reveals one of the finest E36 specimens on the streets.

Rise and Fall of the BMW E36

The BMW E36, a staple of the ’90s 3 Series, had its heyday as an affordable entry into the realm of rear-drive German performance cars. However, as time passed, it faced issues typical of aging vehicles. Yet, in a twist of fate, the E36 is experiencing a revival, transcending its “old car” status to become a symbol of a bygone era.

The Resurgence of Classic Cars

Spyropoulos’s verdant coupe stands out not just for its color but for its overall allure—the sleek profile, meticulous craftsmanship inside and out, and, notably, the powerhouse concealed within: the S54 engine.

The Heart of the Beast: S54 Engine

For aficionados, the S54 engine is an iconic inline-six powerhouse that graced models like the E46 M3 and Z series M cars. With the M3 variant churning out 333 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque, this engine elevates the unassuming 328is to a whole new level.

From Pain to Glory

Curious about how a humble 328is ended up with such a potent engine? Watch the enthralling transformation unfold in the video linked above, showcasing the mantra that “cars are pain.”

Keeping Cool Cars Alive

If you find yourself struggling with car troubles in the NY area, look no further than Pit Stop Foreign Car Service in Yonkers—the haven where Spyropoulos and his family work tirelessly to breathe new life into classic and cool automobiles.


The metamorphosis of Michael Spyropoulos’s BMW E36 from a broken engine nightmare to a dream car symbolizes the resilience and passion that fuel automotive enthusiasts. As classic cars like the E36 make a stylish comeback, it’s heartening to see individuals and establishments dedicated to preserving automotive heritage.


Q: What engine powers the BMW E36 in focus?

A: The BMW E36 featured in the article is equipped with the formidable S54 engine—an inline-six powerhouse known for its performance in various BMW models.

Q: Where can I find the video showcasing the transformation of the BMW E36?

A: The video highlighting the evolution of the BMW E36 discussed can be viewed by following the provided link in the article.

Q: Which shop caters to automotive needs in the NY area?

A: For automotive services in the NY region, Pit Stop Foreign Car Service in Yonkers, managed by Michael Spyropoulos and family, is a commendable choice known for its expertise in classic car restoration and maintenance.

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