This 6×6 Kei Truck Is Actually a Polaris SxS With a Mitsubishi Minicab Body

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Unveiling the Unique 6×6 Kei Truck: A Fusion of Polaris SxS and Mitsubishi Minicab Body

A Hybrid Off-Roader Charm

What happens when you merge the compact cuteness of a Kei truck with the robustness of a Polaris Ranger side-by-side 6×6 vehicle? The answer lies in the fascinating creation showcased by the popular YouTube channel Grind Hard Plumbing Co.

The Fusion Process

This unconventional masterpiece was born by combining a Polaris Ranger chassis, complete with its engine, transmission, and 6×6 drivetrain, with a Mitsubishi Minicab Kei truck body. The process involved some serious modifications – trimming 18 inches off the Polaris chassis to snugly fit under the Kei truck body.

The Art of Integration

The integration journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. Aligning the steering rack proved to be a formidable challenge due to the mismatch between the right-hand-drive Mitsubishi and the left-hand-drive Polaris. Yet, with meticulous modifications, they overcame this hurdle, enhancing the steering articulation of the 6×6 Kei truck significantly.

Enhanced Performance

The reimagined Kei truck boasts a larger 760cc engine from the Polaris Ranger, achieving superior power compared to the original 660cc Mitsubishi engine. With six-wheel-drive capability, upgraded suspension for enhanced off-road prowess, and a blend of both vehicles‘ features, this Franken-Kei is now a force to be reckoned with.

The Allure of the Hybrid

But what sets this 6×6 creation apart is its harmonious blend of the Polaris’ rugged functionality and the Minicab’s comfort and aesthetics. Combining the open-cab thrill of the Polaris with the cozy confines of a regular pickup truck cabin, this hybrid promises a unique off-roading experience that enthusiasts can’t resist.


Although the project is still in the works, the initial glimpses of the 6×6 Kei truck in action are already stirring excitement. Stay tuned for the final reveal to witness the culmination of this extraordinary fusion. The journey of creating the 6×6 Kei truck showcases the creativity and engineering skills that can turn a wild idea into a remarkable reality.


What is a Kei truck?

A Kei truck is a small, lightweight vehicle popular in Japan, designed for urban and rural utility tasks due to its compact size and efficient performance.

How difficult was it to combine the Polaris Ranger and Mitsubishi Minicab?

The fusion process presented several challenges, such as modifying the chassis to fit the Kei truck body and aligning the steering mechanisms due to the different driving configurations. However, with skilled craftsmanship and dedication, the integration was successfully achieved.

What sets the 6×6 Kei truck apart from traditional off-roaders?

The 6×6 Kei truck offers a unique combination of off-road capability, enhanced power, and a comfortable cabin, blending the best of both worlds – rugged functionality and cozy comfort – in a single vehicle.

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