This 2022 Honda Civic Is Melting, and the Owner Blames It on the Sun

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Car Melting Issues: Honda Civic Experiences Sun Damage

The Melting Problem

Charles Goldberg’s 2022 Honda Civic faced an unexpected issue when parked under the sun in his driveway. The intense sunlight caused the car’s exterior plastics to melt and the paint to bubble. According to Goldberg, it seemed like a direct hit from a ray gun.

Honda’s Response

When Goldberg approached his local Honda dealer for an explanation, he was informed that sunlight reflecting off windows might act as a magnifying glass, intensifying the sun’s heat. This rare phenomenon can lead to slight melting of plastics and paint. Unfortunately, this kind of damage is not covered under Honda’s warranty.

Honda’s Official Statement

In response to the situation, a Honda spokesperson acknowledged that focused sunlight can indeed cause damage, not limited to automobiles or Honda vehicles. They clarified that such damage falls outside the scope of Honda’s limited warranties but might be covered by automobile insurance.

Seeking Solutions

Despite filing a complaint with Honda’s corporate office, it’s unlikely that the Goldbergs will receive warranty repairs for the melted Civic. Instances of cars, homes, and even people experiencing sun-related damage abound, emphasizing the need for vigilance.

Sun Protection Tip

A critical takeaway from this incident is to ensure that direct sunlight is not being reflected onto your car, as it could lead to unexpected damage.


The case of the melting 2022 Honda Civic sheds light on the potential risks of sun exposure to vehicles. Understanding how sunlight can interact with surfaces is vital for car owners to protect their vehicles from damage.


Can sunlight really melt a car?

Yes, under specific conditions, intense sunlight reflecting off surfaces can cause damage to a car’s plastics and paint, as demonstrated by the incident with the 2022 Honda Civic.

Does Honda warranty cover sun damage?

Most car warranties, including Honda’s, do not typically cover damage caused by external factors like sun exposure. Such issues may be addressed through automobile insurance instead.

How can car owners protect their vehicles from sun damage?

To prevent sun-related damage, car owners should avoid parking in areas where sunlight reflects intensely onto their vehicles. Using car covers or parking in shaded spots can also offer protection against sun-induced harm.

By staying informed and taking precautions, car owners can mitigate the risks associated with sun exposure and maintain the condition of their vehicles.

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