This 194-Mile McLaren Speedtail Is Set to be Sold for a Significant Sum

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The 2020 McLaren Speedtail, as described by Sotheby’s auction house, is touted as “the swiftest, most aerodynamic, and most technologically advanced McLaren ever produced, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in a street vehicle.” Limited to just 106 units, each Speedtail was meticulously allocated to carefully chosen and vetted purchasers.

If you were among those fortunate individuals, you would have acquired this marvel for slightly over $2 million. Some lucky buyers decided to sell their units for a handsome profit, like the model coated in Heritage Atlantic Blue hue with silver accents (having only 30 miles on the odometer) that achieved a price of nearly $3.3 million at auction in January this year. Another one of these rare gems is scheduled for auction with Mecum Auctions shortly after the start of the upcoming year, and the final figure is anticipated to be substantial.

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Mecum Auctions/Michael Fux Collection

You may recall the individual from Germany who sold his scarcely used 2020 McLaren Speedtail around a year back. He was seeking $4.8 million at that time, though there is no available record of the final bid amount. Given the current market demand for luxury vehicles, this latest Speedtail might command an even higher valuation.

With an impressive top speed of 250 miles per hour and a hybrid powertrain producing 1,035 horsepower, the Speedtail stands as McLaren’s quickest production car till date. A 4.0L twin-turbocharged V-8 engine paired with a parallel hybrid system eMotor propels this vehicle with electrifying velocity. Unfortunately, the purchaser won’t be able to unleash its full potential on the road in the U.S. due to the McLareno Speedtail not being road-legal in the country. Without side-mounted airbags or external side mirrors, only the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has the authority to grant approval for its usage in exhibitions or displays. At that point, the Speedtail would be classified as a vehicle of historical or technological significance meant for public educational purposes.

Draped in a stunning combination of Volcano Yellow with Galvanic Grey accents and polished brightwork, the interior boasts lavish quilted leather in yellow and black hues. This particular unit is the 100th out of 106 produced and has a mere 194 miles clocked on it. Undoubtedly, this specimen is poised to command a substantial price tag. For those still yearning for a premium McLaren but unable to secure this model, there is an option to explore the 2015 McLaren P1 currently drawing bids starting at $1.5 million with three days remaining in a Collecting Cars auction. It sports a Fire Black exterior coupled with a 3.8-liter V8 engine churning out 903 horsepower, more than sufficient to appease the desires of most discerning enthusiasts.

The yellow 2020 Speedtail available through Mecum Auctions is truly a breathtaking masterpiece. I eagerly await the final sale price once the gavel drops.

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