There’s a Possibility of the Upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia Being an Electric Estate Car

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Alfa Romeo is currently undergoing another phase of reconstruction. The corporation aims to revive its status as a high-end brand under Stellantis ownership, striving to cater to the desires of consumers. And it appears that what they desire the most is an unconventional electric alternative for the existing Giulia sedan, as per a report by Autocar.

Throughout the years, the Giulia has received acclaim as a vigorous and captivating Italian performance sedan, although it lags behind its competitors in terms of construction quality and dependability. While it still has a few years left in the market, Alfa Romeo’s leader Jean-Philippe Imparato emphasized that the design teams have been assigned the mission of devising an unconventional replacement for the sedan.

In an interview with Autocar, Imparato advocated for traditional three-box configurations. “I’m not ready to abandon the sedan market,” he declared. “It is part of Alfa’s essence to possess a sporty sedan.” In a market fixated on SUVs, he went on to say, “I also recognize the many requests for a wagon variant of the Giulia. Maybe there exists a middle ground between the sedan and the wagon. With a fresh Giulia, perhaps we can incorporate the best of both worlds.”

There are not many automotive executives advocating for wagons, but Imparato is evidently unafraid to express his opinions. His instructions to the company’s designers included envisioning a vehicle akin in size and attributes to the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, one of the few luxury wagons currently available (albeit not in the U.S.).

Imperato is resolute in his stance against compromising on a hybrid model for the new Giulia. According to an interview with AutoExpress last year, the upcoming car is set to be entirely electric. It will be constructed on the forthcoming STLA Large platform, which is shared with Stellantis stablemates like Chrysler, Dodge, and Maserati.

“I need to make some significant decisions. If I desire performance levels beyond the norm, I must take bold steps,” remarked Imperato, indicating his belief that the future of Alfa Romeo lies in electric vehicles. “If I commit to going electric, I am fully committed. I’m not being half-hearted, if you catch my drift? It’s either all-electric or not at all.”

Alfa Romeo is a company known for its unconventional approach. When the company’s leader publicly declares a departure from the norm, it’s uncertain whether they are continuing along that path or about to raise the stakes significantly.

The proposal to produce an electric Shooting Brake is leaning more towards the latter than the former, to put it mildly. As much as enthusiasts adore wagons and similar vehicles, there is no evidence of such designs achieving notable commercial success over the last two decades. Despite the enthusiasm showcased on social media and automotive forums, the reality remains that (paying) customers prefer crossovers and SUVs, and more crossovers and SUVs thereafter.

Nonetheless, Alfa Romeo’s broad product plan incorporates numerous crossovers, potentially including a rumored new flagship large SUV. Taking a broader perspective, the Giulia may become a distinctive offering for Alfa, serving as a point of differentiation. Meanwhile, the SUV lineup could cater to customers with more mainstream preferences.

While the future is always uncertain, the head of Alfa Romeo exhibits optimism regarding the company’s forthcoming plans. The outcomes will be unveiled over time. Regardless of the result, we can anticipate witnessing some peculiar and fascinating Italian-designed vehicles along the journey. It appears that the Giulia is destined to be among them, and that is a wait we eagerly look forward to.

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