The Ralliart Aesthetic Bundle Epitomizes Mitsubishi’s Current Downfall

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It’s been quite a while since Mitsubishi has engaged in anything remotely fashionable. Judging by the brand’s marketing strategies abroad, it seems unlikely that the once-prestigious car manufacturer will break this streak anytime soon.

Brought to our attention by Motor1, Mitsubishi has unveiled new Ralliart editions of the Pajero Sport SUV and Triton pickup in Thailand. The Ralliart-branded upgrades feature subtle touches of red on the bumpers, a small rear spoiler for the Pajero’s tailgate, and a bedliner for the Triton. Additionally, there are some enhancements on the Pajero’s fenders, mud flaps, floor mats, and, naturally, the obligatory Ralliart decals on the rear fenders. Unfortunately, there are no actual performance enhancements or modifications that influence the driving experience of these vehicles… unless one can persuade themselves that the spoiler on the Pajero genuinely generates noticeable downforce.

According to Motor1, the Ralliart cosmetic packages are exclusive to the rear-wheel-drive versions of both trucks and are solely offered with black or white paint.

In contrast, the Lancer Ralliart available in the U.S. market in 2009 distinguished itself from the standard Lancer with a subdued iteration of the Evo X’s 4B11 engine, dual-clutch transmission, and all-wheel-drive system featuring limited-slip differentials both front and rear. It stood as a bona fide budget sport compact; albeit lacking prominent side decals, which could be deemed a positive aspect for the latest Ralliart offerings.

In a financial report released earlier this year, Mitsubishi detailed intentions to revive the Ralliart brand and stage a comeback in motorsport. While we anticipate a positive turn of events from the latter, the initial step in the former domain failed to impress us.

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