The Latest Mercedes-AMG GT Is Set to Be Unveiled at Pebble Beach

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Mercedes-AMG GT has always been emblematic of the brand, yet production ceased in 2022. Now, an updated version of this capable grand tourer is on the horizon, with its debut scheduled to take place at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month.

The upcoming AMG GT will mark the fifth model conceived entirely by Mercedes-AMG. It continues the illustrious lineage that originated with the iconic SLS, with Mercedes honing its craft through the GT coupe, four-door GT, and SL models in the interim.

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The German automaker is playing its cards close to the chest regarding the new model. The details we have suggest that the new AMG GT will feature an “altered dimensional concept from its predecessor.” This cryptic statement implies substantial changes in size and shape, sparking speculation and intrigue.

Despite the secrecy, assurances have been made that the new model will “stay true to its athletic, dynamic nature.” If it avoids transforming into a bulky SUV, all should be well. Anticipation mounts as hints suggest the new AMG GT could be a high-powered hybrid with all-wheel drive. This is what enthusiasts eagerly await at Pebble Beach.

Adhering to tradition, Mercedes will leverage the Pebble Beach event to present other treasures. Among them, a special limited edition of the Mercedes-AMG SL will be showcased. Additionally, Mercedes-Maybach will exhibit various models ranging from current to vintage, alongside the intriguing Project Mondo G art installation.

Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven will be a major attraction. This design study reimagines the classic Mercedes-Benz C111 with a contemporary twist, painted in a striking orange hue. A focal point of the event will be the new “Limited Edition 1 of 111” line, encompassing various apparel and accessories that reinvigorate the 1970s ethos.

This is a pivotal period for Mercedes as it navigates the rise of electrification and deliberates on the future of V8 engines. The AMG GT is poised to evolve in accordance with the current era, and spectators eagerly await Mercedes-AMG’s handling of this transition.

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