The Final Lotus Elise Is Going to the Woman It Was Named After

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The Final Lotus Elise Is Going to the Woman It Was Named After

Lotus Elise Production Ending After 25 Years

After an illustrious 25-year run, Lotus is bidding farewell to the iconic Elise model, with the final iteration finding its way to a very special recipient. The last Elise produced has been earmarked for Elisa Artioli, the individual for whom the beloved sports car was named.

A Fitting Recipient

Elisa Artioli, the granddaughter of Romano Artioli—former chairman of both Lotus and Bugatti—received her latest Elise last week. Notably, the car was christened in her honor when she was just a toddler by her grandfather and has now come full circle.

A Legendary Car Reaches Its Finale

The final customer Elise, marked as the 35,124th of its kind, shines in Championship Gold paint, representing a Sport 240 Final Edition. Boasting a mid-mounted, supercharged, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine sourced from Toyota, the car exudes 240 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. Known for its lightweight design, the Elise Sport 240 weighs a mere 2,033 pounds, sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in a quick 4.1 seconds.

Unique Upgrades and Personal Touches

Distinguishing itself from its predecessor, the Sport 240 features a 23-hp enhancement over the Sport 220, Anthracite wheels that are lighter, a TFT digital dashboard, a new leather-and-Alcantara steering wheel, and various color choices. Elisa Artioli, in a personal touch, has lovingly named her Elise “Sunshine,” underscoring the sentimental value attached to this vehicle.

A True Car Enthusiast

An avid driver, Elisa Artioli is not just the proud owner of the final Lotus Elise but also the founder of “Delightful Driving,” an organization that orchestrates driving tours and car enthusiast gatherings. Her passion for cars and driving is deeply ingrained, making this acquisition even more special.

The Future of Lotus

As the Elise bids adieu, other Lotus models like the Exige and Evora will also be retired. However, a new era awaits with the impending launch of models like the Emira, signaling a new chapter for the famed British automaker.


The legacy of the Lotus Elise culminates in a heartwarming tale as the final model finds its way back to the one it was named after, cementing its place in automotive history.


Who is Elisa Artioli?

Elisa Artioli is the granddaughter of Romano Artioli, the former chairman of Lotus and Bugatti, and the namesake of the Lotus Elise. She recently received the final Elise produced.

What makes the final Lotus Elise special?

The last Lotus Elise, sporting Championship Gold paint and dubbed the Sport 240 Final Edition, features unique upgrades, lightweight construction, and personal touches, making it a collector’s item.

What is the future of Lotus after discontinuing the Elise?

After bidding farewell to iconic models like the Elise, Lotus is gearing up for a new era with upcoming models like the Emira, marking a fresh start for the British automaker.

What is Elisa Artioli’s connection to the automotive world?

Elisa Artioli is not only the recipient of the final Lotus Elise but also the founder of “Delightful Driving,” an organization that hosts driving tours and car enthusiast events, showcasing her love for driving and cars.

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