Tesla Threatens Legal Action Against Cybertruck Resellers for Up to $50,000 During Initial Ownership Year

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Car manufacturers have been clamping down on individuals who flip vehicles in recent years, aiming to prevent the quick resale of high-demand, low-production cars for profit. Brands like Porsche and Chevrolet will penalize buyers who flip their vehicles within a year by either reducing warranties or blocking them from purchasing future popular models. Tesla has now joined this group, seeking to legally prevent Cybertruck owners from selling their trucks during the first year.

A new section specific to the Cybertruck has been added to Tesla’s vehicle order agreement, indicating that the angular pickup truck will be produced in limited quantities, and buyers agree not to resell it within the first year. However, if a situation arises where a customer must sell their Cybertruck unexpectedly, they can offer it back to Tesla, provided Tesla agrees to the validity of the circumstances.

“You acknowledge that the initial release of the Cybertruck will be limited. You agree not to attempt any sale of the vehicle within the first year after its delivery date. However, if selling the vehicle within the first year becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, and Tesla deems the reason justifiable for an exception to its no-resale policy, you commit to informing Tesla in written form and allowing Tesla a reasonable period to repurchase the vehicle at its sole discretion, at a price equal to the one listed on your Final Price Sheet minus $0.25 per mile driven, reasonable wear and tear, and the expenses for restoring the vehicle to Tesla’s standards for used vehicles, both cosmetically and mechanically.”

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If Tesla opts to repurchase the vehicle, buyers can then request permission from Tesla to sell it to a third party. However, if Tesla does not approve a third-party sale and the buyer proceeds with it, Tesla will either seek an injunction to halt the sale or pursue the buyer for damages up to $50,000.

Tesla has announced the official launch date for the Cybertruck as November 30, though it remains uncertain how many customers will actually take delivery of their vehicles at that time. The few prototype test vehicles seen in public so far have exhibited issues concerning build quality and functionality, which does not bode well for its imminent launch just two weeks away. Should any customers encounter problems upon delivery, they will be stuck with the vehicle for at least one year.

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