Tesla Cybertruck’s Aero Wheel Covers Causing Damage to Goodyear Tires

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The Unique Dilemma

The innovative design of the Tesla Cybertruck includes aero covers on its wheels, an unprecedented concept in the pickup truck world. However, this groundbreaking design is causing unforeseen issues for its specially crafted Goodyear tires.

The Issue at Hand

Despite the avant-garde nature of the Cybertruck, the aero covers are rubbing against the tire sidewalls with each rotation, leading to wear and tear. This friction occurs predominantly at the bottom of the tire when the sidewall is slightly compressed under the truck’s weight, exacerbated by bumps or turns.

Expert Insights

Brian Reese, CEO of T Sportline, a Tesla aftermarket specialist, highlighted this concern by showcasing the wear on Cybertruck tires in a YouTube video. Although the damage isn’t drastic initially, the continuous rubbing could pose long-term tire integrity issues.

Solution in Sight

To mitigate potential tire damage, current Cybertruck owners are advised to remove the aero covers. This precaution can prevent future sidewall degradation and enhance tire longevity.

Redesigned Solution

Fortunately, Tesla is reportedly redesigning the aero covers to prevent further tire damage. Future Cybertruck deliveries may exclude these covers initially, ensuring the tires remain unscathed. The unique sidewall moldings of the Goodyear tires will still be a standout feature, even without the controversial aero covers.


While the Cybertruck’s aero wheel covers introduced an innovative visual aesthetic, the unintended consequence of tire damage highlights the importance of balancing form and function in automotive design. Tesla’s proactive approach to redesigning the covers showcases a commitment to resolving issues promptly for an optimal user experience.

FAQs about Tesla Cybertruck’s Aero Wheel Covers

1. Are all Tesla Cybertrucks affected by this tire wear issue?

As per current reports, the tire wear problem due to the aero wheel covers is observed in Cybertrucks with specific configurations that utilize the covers.

2. Can the tire damage from the aero covers be repaired?

While the damage isn’t severe initially, continuous rubbing can compromise tire integrity. Removing the aero covers as a preventive measure is recommended to avoid further damage.

3. Will the redesigned aero covers impact the Cybertruck’s overall design?

The redesigned aero covers aim to address the tire wear issue while maintaining the Cybertruck’s unique aesthetics. Tesla’s focus on both functionality and design ensures a balanced approach.

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