Sebastian Vettel Validates Porsche 963 Le Mans Hypercar Test in the Upcoming Week

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Upon retiring his Formula 1 champion mantle in 2022 at age 34, Sebastian Vettel left followers disheartened, albeit predictably. Fans admired Vettel’s prominent status in F1’s elite, even amidst dwindling success towards the end of his grand prix journey. The expectation of a prompt return to the track lingered, and that anticipation may soon materialize this year. Vettel is poised to undertake a test drive of Porsche’s 963 Le Mans hypercar at Motorland Aragón in Spain in the days ahead. What lies beyond that moment remains a mystery for now.

Vettel indicated that he had already acquainted himself with the vehicle during a preliminary outing in Weissach, according to Porsche’s official statement. However, this upcoming test will mark his inaugural serious drive in a prototype. Extensive simulator sessions have been part of the manufacturer’s preparatory regime leading up to this event.

“My curiosity for endurance races prompted me to explore new horizons,” expressed Vettel in the announcement. “I’m eagerly anticipating my foray in Aragon and relish the opportunity to hit the track. It will undoubtedly require adaptation and acclimatization, but the team is supportive and open. This will be a novel encounter for me. Subsequent plans are uncertain at this juncture, with no concrete future arrangements in place,” Vettel added.

The outcome of this test remains uncertain. Vettel has yet to publicly commit to any partnership with Porsche, although discussions with the Jota team regarding potential collaborations took place last autumn. Participation in the World Endurance Championship or Le Mans, and the associated processes, would require this initial test drive as a preliminary step.

Porsche highlights the distinctive nature of the 963, a departure from Vettel’s career dominated by open-wheel racing. The last time Vettel navigated a roofed vehicle in competition before an audience was during the Race of Champions. A recent meeting with the Porsche Penske team in Manheim, Germany, preceded simulator training the following day to familiarize Vettel with the machinery. The recent sampling at Porsche’s Weissach test track on March 21 indicates Vettel’s fresh engagement with this shift in racing genre.

At the 12 Hours of Sebring last week, a 963 claimed third place under the guidance of drivers Dane Cameron, Felipe Nasr, and Matt Campbell.

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