RV Driver Annihilates Fiat 500 By Flat Towing It in First Gear on the Highway

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RV Driver’s Costly Mistake: Flat Towing Fiat 500 in First Gear Destroys Car on Highway


Towing a vehicle seems like a straightforward task, but one RV driver’s blunder led to a catastrophic end for their Fiat 500. The consequences of flat-towing the car in first gear at highway speeds painted a grim picture of what not to do.

The Fiat 500 Tragedy Unfolds:

The ill-fated Fiat 500, with just 44,000 miles on the odometer, met its untimely demise during a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The car owners, oblivious to the repercussions, left the manual transmission in first gear before embarking on the journey.

The Catastrophic Outcome:

As the RV cruised at 80 mph, the Fiat’s 1.4-liter engine revved sky-high, estimated at a staggering 15,000 rpm. The transmission and engine succumbed to the extreme stress, rendering the drivetrain inoperable. The damage was so severe, the clutch could not even be disengaged.

The Fallout:

Upon inspection, the extent of the damage was evident. The repair estimate of $18,000 to replace the engine and transmission didn’t faze the owners, who surprisingly found humor in their costly blunder.


The unfortunate saga of the Fiat 500 warns of the perils of towing ignorance. Forgetting the basics can lead to expensive repairs or worse, as demonstrated by this regrettable incident. Before attempting to tow a vehicle, ensure thorough research and understanding of the process to avoid such grave outcomes.


Q: What caused the destruction of the Fiat 500 while being towed?

A: The Fiat 500 was flat-towed in first gear at highway speeds, causing excessive strain on the engine and transmission, ultimately leading to their catastrophic failure.

Q: How much was the repair estimate for the damaged Fiat 500?

A: The repair estimate to replace the engine and transmission of the Fiat 500 totaled $18,000 due to the extensive damage caused by the inappropriate towing method.

Q: What advice is given to prevent similar towing mishaps?

A: It is crucial to thoroughly understand the correct procedures for towing a vehicle before attempting it. Research and follow recommended guidelines to prevent costly mistakes and vehicle damage.

Q: What was the outcome for the totaled Fiat 500?

A: The insurance company deemed the Fiat 500 a total loss due to the extensive damage caused by the incorrect towing method and sent it to a junkyard for disposal.

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