Rumor Suggests Lexus LFA Successor Might Sport Twin-Turbo V8 in 2025

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In recent months, Toyota has shown a strong interest in supercars. They initially unveiled a cutting-edge, high-performance Lexus coupe and later followed it with a GT3 race car concept that potentially runs on hydrogen. The latest rumors from Japan claim that both these cars are actively in development and that the latter will play a crucial role in shaping the successor to the iconic Lexus LFA. This successor model could hit the market as early as three years from now.

According to a report from Best Car, Toyota is said to be working on a trio of supercars, all of which have been previously previewed in different forms. The first of these is likely to be the GR Super Sport, a hypercar designed for Le Mans that survived reports of a fire during testing. The same source mentions that knowledge gained from its development will contribute to the advancement of the GR GT3 race car, thus paving the way for Lexus’ ultimate petrol-powered model, tentatively named “LFA2.”

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Lexus Electrified Sport concept EV, Lexus

Rumors indicate that “LFA2” will serve as Toyota’s final petrol-powered sports car and will share connections with the GR GT3, which is expected to undergo testing later this year on an accelerated development track. While the GR GT3 may remain exclusive to the racetrack, its evolution is believed to heavily influence the future roadmap of a production car, a statement backed by Toyota Racing Development President David Wilson.

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