Revealing the First Look at the Up-armored GMC Hummer EV

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Over a period, General Motors Defense has been developing a militarized iteration of its civilian GMC Hummer EV, and now, we catch a glimpse of the truck along with some fundamental specifications. Despite its resemblance, this vehicle is distinct from its smaller, gasoline-run counterpart, the “ISV,” which is based on the Chevy Colorado ZR2. The Electric Military Concept Vehicle, as it’s named, essentially features a stripped-down electric Hummer, equipped with various alterations tailored for military purposes.

A representative from GM Defense informed The Drive that the EMCV shares “the same framework and electrical vehicle propulsion technology as the GMC Hummer EV.” This implies that it hosts an immense 212-kWh battery and a staggering 1,000 horsepower. Judging by its appearance, the EMCV might even weigh less than the regular Hummer, owing to its basic six-passenger interior and tubular roll cage. Additional mechanical adjustments include “Fox performance shocks, 37-inch tires, heavy-duty brakes, and improved approach and departure angles for increased off-road maneuverability.” What an absolute beast.

<em>GM Defense</em>
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GM Defense

The U.S. Army has been observed testing a civilian Hummer EV for quite some time, but specifics concerning the actual militarized variant have been scarce. The military probably holds interest not only in the vehicle’s capacity to swiftly and silently navigate through combat zones—the truck boasts both a “Silent Watch” and “Silent Drive” mode—but also in the energy reserve stored within its battery unit. As highlighted by GM’s spokesperson, the extensive pack in the Hummer “provides significant power exportable for mission-critical apparatus.” Many electric vehicles have the ability to power entire residences for numerous days, which implies that having such power capability for battlefield applications could be beneficial for logistical purposes.

The likelihood of the EMCV being directly available for civilian purchase from GM, akin to the old Hummer H1, is exceedingly low. The defense division of the company conducts business exclusively with governmental bodies. For instance, the recently introduced Suburban HD is aimed at the State Department.

Nevertheless, in the event that the Army decides to procure EMCVs, it would be wise to monitor surplus auctions in the future. If the government is ever willing to sell you a LARC-LX amphibious conveyance, it’s almost certain that these EMCVs will become highly sought-after items post-retirement.

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