Ram Brazil Hints at Upcoming Midrange Pickup Truck

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The midrange truck segment is on the brink of change and new offerings are on the horizon. Chevy has just introduced the latest Colorado, Toyota has been dropping hints about the promising upcoming Tacoma, there are whispers of a potential Mitsubishi truck making its way stateside, and rumors of a midsize Ram truck have been lingering persistently. The confirmation has come that a midsize Ram pickup is indeed in the works. The catch? It’s currently confirmed for Brazil.
Ram Brazil has unveiled a teaser video featuring discussions from Stellantis South America, glimpses of concept sketches, and sneak peeks of the truck itself. Clues in the video suggest that the truck is aimed to compete with the Ford Ranger Raptor, hinting at a high-performance off-road vehicle tailored for the Brazilian market.

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The automotive landscape in Brazil is unique, driven by import duties and local regulations that encourage car manufacturers to build the vehicles they intend to sell within the country itself. This underscores Brazil’s robust manufacturing capabilities, with the forthcoming midsize Ram set to be manufactured locally. However, these trucks are likely to remain within Brazil’s borders and not be intended for export.
A notable detail revealed in the video is the involvement of American engineers in the truck’s development, suggesting a global collaboration and bolstering speculations about a potential US launch. While the turbocharged drivetrain teased in the video may not make it to production, Stellantis has a diverse engine lineup that could power the new midsize truck, including a range of plug-in hybrid options.
Based on the teaser images provided, the truck’s design appears reminiscent of the current Ram 1500, featuring the distinctive headlight shape and daytime running light setup that is characteristic of Ram’s full-size offerings. The bold and muscular hood design, a signature of Stellantis, is also evident.
The arrival of the new midsize Ram could be imminent. The exact timeframe for its potential release remains undisclosed.
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