Prototype Mitsubishi Triton Pickup Spied in US Making EV Noises

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Prototype Mitsubishi Triton Pickup Spied Testing in the US with Electric Vehicle Features

A Potential Sneak Peek into Mitsubishi’s Future Pickup Plans with an Electric Twist

What appears to be a prototype of the Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck has been spotted undergoing tests in Colorado, sparking speculations about a possible U.S.-bound Mitsubishi pickup. The truck, captured with Michigan manufacturer plates, was witnessed in Colorado Springs, emitting the distinctive sound of an electric motor. This suggests the potential adoption of hybrid or fully electric technology in the upcoming Mitsubishi pickup. The testing location in Colorado aligns with automakers’ preferences for high-altitude testing in rugged terrains like the Rockies, simulating challenging driving conditions.

Notable Mitsubishi Design Elements Confirm the Identity

While easily mistaken for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, distinct features reveal the true identity of this test vehicle as a Mitsubishi. The design cues such as the side windows and body lines closely resemble the Triton’s known design language, consistent with the Triton XRT concept that hints at an upcoming redesign set for later this year.

The Intriguing Future of Mitsubishi Pickup Trucks in the US

Mitsubishi’s interest in re-entering the U.S. pickup market was affirmed late last year. The company, known for the Dodge-based Raider in the past, faces obstacles like the Chicken Tax that complicate global-market truck imports to the U.S. Despite no official plans to launch the Triton in the U.S., there’s a possibility that certain components of this prototype might find their way into future U.S.-bound vehicles.

Are We Witnessing the Birth of an Electric Mitsubishi Pickup?

Rumors suggest Mitsubishi’s exploration of an electric pickup truck following recent announcements. The presence of an electric motor-like sound in the prototype aligns with Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle ambitions. Speculations point towards a potential early-stage development of an electric drivetrain, hinting at an upcoming EV model from Mitsubishi that could potentially rival GM’s rumored electric compact truck.


While the prototype spotted in Colorado might not directly signify the arrival of the Triton in the U.S., it underscores Mitsubishi’s interest in innovative vehicle technologies. The possibility of an electric Mitsubishi pickup could pave the way for the brand’s resurgence in the American pickup truck market.

FAQ Section

1. Will Mitsubishi bring the Triton pickup to the U.S. market?

Mitsubishi has confirmed no plans to introduce the Triton pickup in the U.S.; however, there could be future prospects for unique Mitsubishi vehicles tailored for the American market.

2. What are the challenges hindering Mitsubishi from selling the Triton in the U.S.?

The Chicken Tax, which imposes tariffs on imported trucks, is a significant barrier for Mitsubishi to directly import the Triton to the U.S., compelling automakers to consider local manufacturing options.

3. Is there any official information about Mitsubishi’s electric pickup truck plans?

While Mitsubishi has announced intentions for an electric pickup, specific details about the model remain undisclosed; hence, the prototype sightings spark curiosity about Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle roadmap.

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