Parking Garage Rally Circuit Revives ’90s Arcade Racing in All Its Glory

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Parking Garage Rally Circuit Revives ’90s Arcade Racing in All Its Glory

The world of retro-inspired racing games sees a new contender – Parking Garage Rally Circuit. In a sea of modern interpretations of classic games, Parking Garage brings a nostalgic twist to the racing genre. Developed by Tim FitzRandolph of Walaber Entertainment, known for hits like Where’s My Water? and JellyCar, this upcoming game is a throwback to the early 3D racers of the 90s, particularly on Sega’s Saturn console.

Embracing the Retro Vibe

Parking Garage Rally Circuit offers a simple yet engaging premise – maneuver your rally car through a multi-story parking garage to achieve the fastest time. With narrow tracks, responsive controls, and blocky graphics reminiscent of the Saturn era, the game evokes a sense of nostalgia for classic racing experiences. Currently featuring four tracks and three cars varying in speed and weight, the game focuses on the thrill of mastering the physics and beating your own best times.

A Journey Back in Time

The inspiration behind Parking Garage Rally stems from a game jam where FitzRandolph explored the concept of “limited space.” The game was initially developed in just 72 hours, embracing a retro style that echoes the early days of 3D consoles in the 90s. By immersing players in the simplicity and charm of vintage arcade racers, PGRC pays homage to Sega’s iconic racing titles like Daytona USA and Sega Rally Championship while staying true to the technological constraints of the past.


Parking Garage Rally Circuit stands out in the realm of racing games by weaving together elements of nostalgia, simplicity, and addictive gameplay. With its retro aesthetic and straightforward mechanics, the game captures the essence of 90s arcade racing, offering a refreshing throwback experience for both old-school gamers and newcomers alike.


What platforms will Parking Garage Rally Circuit be available on?

Parking Garage Rally Circuit will be available on various platforms, including PC via Steam.

How many tracks and cars are currently included in the game?

As of now, Parking Garage Rally Circuit features four tracks and three cars divided by speed and weight classes.

What makes Parking Garage Rally Circuit unique compared to other racing games?

Parking Garage Rally Circuit sets itself apart by embracing a retro aesthetic inspired by early 3D racers, providing a blend of nostalgia and engaging gameplay centered around mastering time trials within a parking garage setting.# Unveiling the Retro Magic of Saturn Graphics in the Modern Era

Uncovering the Secrets of Saturn Graphics

Renowned developer FitzRandolph delves into the world of Saturn graphics, highlighting the distinct evolution from Sony’s approach. Drawing a sharp contrast between Saturn’s sprite-based design and PlayStation’s triangle-centric structure, the unique emphasis on rectangles in Saturn games sparks a nostalgic charm for retro gaming enthusiasts.

The Art of Transforming Sprites

FitzRandolph’s insights shed light on the meticulous construction of Saturn game levels from individual tiles, capturing the essence of chunky object rendering that defined this era of gaming. The use of a dithered technique adds depth and authenticity, replicating iconic effects like shadows and smoke, reminiscent of classic Saturn game development practices.

Embracing Saturn’s Aesthetic Legacy

The meticulous attention to detail in FitzRandolph’s upcoming game, PGRC, pays homage to Saturn’s signature style, offering players a blend of nostalgic elements with modern gameplay experiences. The ability to toggle retro effects off allows for a smooth and contemporary gaming encounter, preserving the essence of old-school arcade racing.

Rediscovering the Joy of Retro-Inspired Gameplay

FitzRandolph’s innovative game development approach marries retro aesthetics with contemporary standards, creating a promising gameplay experience. With a focus on precision handling, track design, and an engaging drift-to-boost mechanic, PGRC promises a refreshing take on timeless racing classics.

A Peek into the Future of Retro Gaming

FitzRandolph’s dedication to reviving the essence of retro gaming through PGRC forecasts a promising future for nostalgic gamers. By infusing modern gameplay elements with a retro flair, PGRC stands as a testament to the enduring charm of classic game design principles.


In a world dominated by cutting-edge graphics, the resurgence of Saturn’s unique aesthetic in contemporary game development is a breath of fresh air for gaming enthusiasts. FitzRandolph’s dedication to preserving the essence of retro gaming while infusing it with modern elements showcases a harmonious blend of the old and the new, promising an exhilarating gaming experience for players worldwide.


What makes Saturn graphics unique?

Saturn graphics are distinguished by their sprite-based design, utilizing rectangles to create a distinct visual style that sets them apart from other consoles of the era.

How does FitzRandolph incorporate retro elements into modern gameplay?

FitzRandolph integrates classic dithered techniques and chunky object rendering into games like PGRC, offering players a nostalgic yet contemporary gaming experience.

What can players expect from PGRC?

PGRC promises precise handling, engaging track design, and a drift-to-boost mechanic reminiscent of classic arcade racers, providing a unique blend of retro aesthetics and modern gameplay.

Will players be able to customize their gaming experience in PGRC?

Yes, players can toggle retro effects on or off in PGRC, allowing for a customizable gaming experience that caters to both retro enthusiasts and modern gamers alike.# Title: Parking Garage Rally Circuit: An Ode to Classic Arcade Racers


In the world of racing games, the upcoming release of Parking Garage Rally Circuit promises a nostalgic trip back to the classic arcade racing era. Developed by FitzRandolph, this game offers a blend of old-school vibes and modern gameplay mechanics that aim to captivate both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the genre.

Retro Racing Vibes:

Parking Garage Rally Circuit features tracks filled with various challenges like curbs, barriers, and even rolling boulders at the Mt. Rushmore locale. While reminiscent of classic arcade racers, the game eliminates the frustrating collision detection issues often associated with the genre, providing a smoother and more enjoyable racing experience.

Multiplayer Excitement:

One of the highlights of Parking Garage Rally Circuit is its multiplayer mode, allowing players to race against real-time ghosts representing other players’ cars. This feature adds a competitive edge to the game without the need for traditional wheel-to-wheel racing, ensuring a thrilling experience for all participants.

Diverse Car Selection:

Currently offering three cars, each with escalating top speeds, Parking Garage Rally Circuit provides players with a diverse range of experiences. Mastering skills like braking while drifting is crucial, reminiscent of the intensity found in Mario Kart’s 200cc mode.

Developer’s Perspective:

Despite not considering himself a car enthusiast, FitzRandolph has crafted a game that pays homage to the allure of cars in gaming. His childhood memories and fascination with the dynamic nature of cars have inspired the creation of Parking Garage Rally Circuit, showcasing his passion for game development and racing experiences.

Release and Contact:

Anticipated for release in the fall of this year, Parking Garage Rally Circuit promises hours of entertainment as players navigate through concrete towers and challenging obstacles. For racing game enthusiasts looking to connect, Adam Ismail can be reached at


Parking Garage Rally Circuit shines as a well-crafted tribute to classic arcade racers, combining nostalgia with modern gameplay elements. With its engaging tracks, diverse car selection, and multiplayer mode, the game is poised to offer an immersive and thrilling racing experience for players of all skill levels.


1. When will Parking Garage Rally Circuit be released?

Parking Garage Rally Circuit is expected to be released in the fall of this year, offering players the chance to enjoy its retro racing vibes and exciting gameplay.

2. How many cars are available in the game?

Currently, Parking Garage Rally Circuit features three cars, each offering a unique racing experience based on their escalating top speeds and handling characteristics.

3. Is there a multiplayer mode in Parking Garage Rally Circuit?

Yes, the game includes a multiplayer mode where players can race against real-time ghosts representing other players’ cars, adding a competitive edge to the racing experience.

4. How can I get in touch regarding racing games?

For any inquiries or discussions about racing games, you can contact Adam Ismail at for further conversations and insights.

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