On Sale: Compact 1976 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Conceals a VW Beetle Chassis

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The muscular and iconic design of the second-generation Chevrolet Camaro is well-known. This unique build offers a twist for those seeking a shorter version.

Advertised on TheSamba.com, this creation is actually constructed around a vintage Volkswagen Beetle frame. It sports a single-piece fiberglass body mimicking the style of the Camaro Z28 but tailored to fit the Beetle’s platform, which has been shortened by a significant 14 inches to achieve the distinctive compact appearance. Finished in a striking Maserati Mediterranean Blue with intricate airbrushing and pinstriping, accentuated by gleaming deep-dish slot mags, this retro-inspired vehicle is named the Bugaro.

This vehicle is powered by a highly-enhanced 2.3-liter VW engine equipped with dual Weber carburetors, producing a robust 230 horsepower. It has received upgrades such as MSD ignition, an electric fuel pump, reinforced mounts, a performance clutch, and flywheel to manage the power delivery to the rear wheels. Additionally, features like coilovers and disc brakes on all sides enhance its performance. Notably, the vehicle appears to lack a roof.

In terms of performance, this car could potentially rival a genuine 1977 Camaro Z28. During the mid-1970s, the automotive industry faced restrictions due to emission regulations, resulting in decreased power outputs from vehicles like the Z28 which boasted a 350 cubic inch V8 engine, producing merely 185 horsepower, even less in certain regions. By comparison, a 1970 Z28 with the original 360-hp LT-1 engine would outperform it significantly.

Unlike many kit cars, this one showcases meticulous attention to detail. The interior is elegantly appointed in black, featuring a complete sound system with Kicker amplifiers and a Kenwood head unit.

Situated in Ballston Spa, New York, the owner is asking for $22,500 for this vehicle. While it’s a considerable sum, the owner is open to intriguing trade offers. Can you think of anything as captivating as this unique creation?

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Nevertheless, if the automobile operates smoothly and is as pleasurable as it appears, the cost may be worth it. Additional recognition if you bring it to a gathering with your nearby Camaro association. They’re guaranteed to greet you warmly.

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