NVIDIA Healthcare AI Microservices Integrate With AWS

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Improving Healthcare with NVIDIA AI Microservices Integrated with AWS

NVIDIA launches its NVIDIA NIM, a range of cloud-native microservices, now seamlessly integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This integration simplifies the utilization of optimized AI models in the healthcare sector.

Elevating Healthcare with NVIDIA NIM on AWS

NVIDIA NIM, found on the AWS Marketplace, facilitates access to a diverse AI model library through standard APIs. These models, focused on drug discovery, medical imaging, and genomics, ensure top-notch security and support.

Fast-tracking Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare and life sciences organizations on AWS can now swiftly deploy generative AI, cutting down on the complexities of model development and production packaging. This opens avenues for creating workflows that span different AI modalities like MRI images and patient health records.

Pioneering in Pharma and Biotech

For instance, biotech giant Amgen leverages BioNeMo, a foundation in generative AI, to advance protein design using NVIDIA’s optimized models on AWS. The speedup achieved, thanks to NVIDIA GPUs, stands at over 10x, enlarging the scope of protein candidate exploration.

Empowering Genomics Pipelines

NVIDIA NIM incorporates genomics models from Parabricks, enhancing genomics analysis tools available on AWS HealthOmics. The collaboration has already bolstered variant calling workflows, exemplified by a significant speed enhancement for Agilent organization’s variant calling processes.

Entering the Era of Conversational AI in Healthcare

NIM microservices extend their support to Conversational AI technology, enabling applications ranging from digital assistants answering patient queries to AI-powered healthcare agents aiding in various health-related tasks.

Transforming Healthcare with Hippocratic AI

The innovative startup Hippocratic AI is close to unveiling generative AI-based healthcare agents that cater to wellness coaching, preoperative assistance, and post-discharge follow-ups. Equipped with NVIDIA NIM and ACE microservices, these agents are set to redefine digital health engagement.


The NVIDIA NIM integration with AWS marks a significant leap in healthcare AI applications, facilitating access to top-tier AI models and fostering innovation across the healthcare spectrum.


1. What is NVIDIA NIM?
NVIDIA NIM is a collection of cloud-native microservices that offer access to a diverse AI model library through standard APIs.

2. How does the integration of NVIDIA NIM with AWS benefit healthcare organizations?
The integration accelerates the deployment of generative AI in healthcare, streamlining model development and deployment complexities.

3. Can healthcare organizations on AWS leverage NVIDIA NIM for genomics analysis?
Yes, NVIDIA NIM includes genomics models from Parabricks, empowering organizations to improve genomics analysis tools on AWS HealthOmics.

4. How does Conversational AI technology enhance healthcare services?
Conversational AI aids in tasks like answering patient queries, supporting clinicians, and improving healthcare productivity through AI-powered digital assistants.

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