Nissan Launches Upgraded Cylinder Head for Classic 240Z Decades After Production

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Nismo’s Heritage Program Goes the Extra Mile

Nismo’s commitment to classic Nissans shines through as they introduce an upgraded cylinder head for the venerable L-series engine, known for powering the Datsun 240Z to the Nissan 280ZX. This move comes over 40 years after the last L-series Z rolled off the production line, demonstrating unparalleled customer support.

The Debut of the Upgraded Cylinder Head

The upgraded cylinder head made its grand entrance in a show car at Nismo Nostalgic 2Days 2024. This unveiling marked the culmination of several years of meticulous development in honor of Nismo’s 40th anniversary. The L-series inline-six engine receives a significant enhancement by transitioning from a single overhead camshaft to a dual cam configuration. Nissan aptly renamed this powerhouse as the TLX, believed to symbolize Twin-cam L-series eXperimental.


What models are compatible with the upgraded cylinder head?

The upgraded cylinder head is compatible with classic Nissans that used the L-series engine, including the iconic Datsun 240Z and the Nissan 280ZX.

Where was the upgraded cylinder head showcased for the first time?

The upgraded cylinder head was unveiled in a show car at Nismo Nostalgic 2Days 2024, commemorating Nismo’s 40th anniversary.

What does TLX stand for in the context of the upgraded cylinder head?

TLX likely stands for Twin-cam L-series eXperimental, signaling the transition from a single to a dual camshaft setup.


Nissan’s development of an upgraded cylinder head for classic models like the 240Z showcases a deep commitment to preserving automotive heritage. This endeavor not only enhances the performance capabilities of these iconic cars but also underscores Nissan’s dedication to serving its loyal fan base with innovative solutions even decades after production.


Title: NISMO Unveils High-Performance Engine Based on Classic Models

The latest creation from NISMO, a high-performance division of Nissan, has sparked excitement among car enthusiasts. The new engine, rumored to be based on the classic L26 or L28 models from the iconic 260Z or 280Z, has been upgraded and fine-tuned to deliver outstanding performance.

Enhanced Specifications

The revamped engine boasts an increased bore of 89 mm, resulting in a 2.9-liter displacement. With a compression ratio of 12.5:1 and a raised redline of 7,500 rpm, the powertrain is projected to exceed 300 horsepower and 217 pound-feet of torque—significant improvements over the original 1980 280ZX’s 132 hp and 144 lb-ft.

Limited Availability

Despite the engine’s appeal, the all-new cylinder head designed for this classic powerhouse is expected to come with a hefty price tag. This exclusivity might limit its accessibility to deep-pocketed vintage racers, as Nissan has stated that there are currently no plans to mass-produce or sell this twin-cam L-series head. However, for those seeking a similar performance upgrade, aftermarket options like the Honda K-series remain viable alternatives.


The unveiling of NISMO’s high-performance engine signals a remarkable blend of vintage inspiration and modern engineering prowess. While the limited availability may disappoint some enthusiasts, the innovation and performance enhancements are testament to NISMO’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the automotive industry.


1. Can I purchase the new NISMO high-performance engine for my car?

Nissan has clarified that there are no immediate plans for mass production or commercial sale of the newly developed engine, making it a limited edition item likely reserved for specific projects or collaborations.

2. What are the key improvements in the upgraded engine over the original models?

The enhancements include a larger bore size, increased compression ratio, higher redline, and substantially elevated power output and torque, showcasing superior performance capabilities compared to the stock engines from the 260Z and 280Z models.

3. Are there alternative options for upgrading my vehicle’s engine?

For enthusiasts looking to boost their car’s performance, aftermarket solutions like the Honda K-series offer similar enhancements and can be a more accessible choice compared to the bespoke NISMO engine cylinder head. However, the unique features and pedigree of the NISMO engine may still attract collectors and aficionados seeking unparalleled authenticity and performance.

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