Next-Gen Lincoln Nautilus Exterior Design Leaked In China

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Exclusive Look at the Next-Gen Lincoln Nautilus Exterior Design Revealed in China

Lincoln enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The upcoming generation of the Lincoln Nautilus is about to undergo a significant transformation. Originally known as the MKX in 2016, the luxury crossover received a new identity as the Nautilus in 2019 with a striking exterior redesign, followed by interior updates in 2020.

Sneak Peek at the Third-Generation Lincoln Nautilus

Surprisingly, eager fans won’t have to wait for the official launch to catch a glimpse of the revamped Nautilus. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has leaked images of the third-generation Lincoln Nautilus, giving us a preview of what’s to come.

A Preview of the Design

The latest Nautilus model maintains its iconic grille shape but with noticeable enhancements. Chinese consumers can expect three trim variations, featuring distinct chrome body accents and a two-tone paint option. Notably, the front and rear ends boast LED strips that elegantly connect the lighting elements, with a sportier version showcasing a more aggressive front bumper. The choice of wheel designs further adds a touch of sophistication, with a sportier variant sporting black wheels.

What about the US Release?

The revealed images depict the Chinese-spec Nautilus, leaving the US market in suspense regarding whether they will receive the same design and trims. The arrival of this version in the US remains uncertain.

Stay Tuned for the Official Unveiling

Lincoln is yet to disclose the official launch date for the next-generation Nautilus. Details on the powertrain options for the upcoming model are still scarce. However, with the model already in regulatory hands in China, it won’t be long before Lincoln shares this much-anticipated model with the global audience.


The leaked images of the upcoming Lincoln Nautilus in China offer a tantalizing peek into the future of luxury crossovers. Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting more details and the official debut of this stylish and revamped model.


Will the next-gen Lincoln Nautilus feature significant changes from the current model?

The leaked images showcase substantial design enhancements, including a larger grille and unique trim options for the Chinese market.

When can we expect the official unveiling of the third-generation Lincoln Nautilus?

While an exact date is yet to be confirmed, the model’s presence with Chinese authorities suggests that the global reveal is imminent.

What about powertrain details for the new Nautilus?

At present, information on the powertrain offerings for the next-generation Nautilus remains limited. However, more details are likely to emerge closer to the official launch.

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