Next-Gen Aston Martin DB Interior Teaser Shows Real Buttons Will Stick Around

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Aston Martin Teases Next-Gen DB Interior with Traditional Controls

Aston Martin gives a sneak peek of the interior of the upcoming DB model, hinting at a departure from their usual design with a focus on traditional controls.

Aston Martin Reveals New Interior Design

The British automaker Aston Martin is set to unveil a new DB model on May 24. Leading up to the big reveal, the company has released three teaser shots, including an image showcasing the interior of the car. This interior shot highlights a significant departure from previous Aston Martin designs, featuring a revamped layout that is a first for the brand.

Shift in Controls Placement

In a notable change, the typical push-button shifter and crystal engine start button, commonly found atop the infotainment screen in previous models, have been relocated to the opposite end of the center stack. This shift places the start button and shifting controls in a more conventional position within the cabin.

Embracing Traditional Features

The teaser image showcases a carbon fiber trim surrounding a multitude of physical buttons. The shifter, resembling a metal handle, extends below the engine start button. Additionally, control of climate settings, fan speed, and volume will be managed through knurled metal wheels that can be rotated for adjustment.

Hard Buttons for Essential Functions

Aston Martin seems to retain hard buttons for crucial functions like HVAC controls, door locks, traction control, adjustable suspension, active exhaust, parking cameras, seat warmers, and various other vital features. This move emphasizes user convenience and ease of access to essential controls while driving.

Anticipated Tech Features

One of the most intriguing elements of the teaser is the narrow touchscreen positioned above the array of physical buttons. Resembling setups in certain Land Rover models, this screen is anticipated to serve as a control hub for many of the car’s functions. The configuration hints at a potential two-screen system in the new Aston Martin, although the final setup remains undisclosed.


As Aston Martin gears up to reveal the latest iteration of its iconic grand tourer, the automotive world eagerly anticipates the comprehensive unveiling of the new DB model, coinciding with the brand’s 75th anniversary celebration.

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What is Aston Martin teasing with the new DB model?

Aston Martin is teasing a revamped interior design with traditional controls in the new DB model, departing from their previous design conventions.

What changes can be seen in the interior layout of the upcoming Aston Martin DB?

The interior layout of the new Aston Martin DB showcases a shift in control placement, with the push-button shifter and engine start button being repositioned for a more conventional setup.

Which functions retain hard buttons in the new Aston Martin DB?

Essential functions like HVAC controls, door locks, traction control, adjustable suspension, active exhaust, parking cameras, and seat warmers retain hard buttons for ease of access.

What tech features are anticipated in the new Aston Martin DB interior?

The new Aston Martin DB is expected to feature a narrow touchscreen above physical buttons, possibly operating as a control hub for various functionalities within the car.

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