New 2024 Subaru BRZ tS Gets Gold Brembos, STI-Tuned Dampers, EyeSight Tech

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Unveiling the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS: Enhanced Features and Performance

The Latest Updates to the Iconic Subaru BRZ tS

The highly-anticipated 2024 Subaru BRZ tS has been officially revealed, introducing exciting enhancements to this beloved sports car. Let’s dive into the details of what this new model has to offer.

Improved Braking System with Gold Brembos

One of the most significant upgrades in the 2024 BRZ tS is the enhanced braking system. The front axle now boasts four-piston fixed caliper Brembos painted in the iconic Subaru gold color, while the rear wheels are equipped with two-piston fixed caliper Brembos of the same design.

Enhanced Suspension for Optimal Performance

The new BRZ tS comes with updated STI-tuned Hitachi dampers, a departure from the previous Sachs dampers. These modifications are geared towards sharpening the car’s already impressive handling capabilities. The spring rates have been maintained to preserve the car’s agility.

Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

Incorporating modern technology, the 2024 BRZ tS now features the EyeSight advanced driver assistance suite on manual transmission models. This includes adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning, providing a safer and more convenient driving experience.

Luxurious Touches and Design Elements

Adding a touch of luxury, the interior of the BRZ tS showcases blue accents, replacing the previous red accents found in the Limited edition. This aesthetic upgrade enhances the overall feel of the cabin, creating a more refined driving environment.

Availability and Conclusion

Unlike its predecessor, the new BRZ tS will not be a limited production model but will instead be part of the standard BRZ lineup, positioned above the Limited edition. With its combination of performance enhancements, technological advancements, and stylish design elements, the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS promises to uphold its legacy as one of the top sports cars in the market.


1. Will the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS be available in manual transmission?

Yes, the 2024 BRZ tS will offer a manual transmission option, providing drivers with the joy of shifting gears themselves along with the convenience of advanced driver assistance features.

2. Are there any changes to the wheel and tire package in the new BRZ tS?

The wheel and tire setup remains the same as the BRZ Limited, featuring 215mm wide Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires mounted on 18-inch wheels, now finished in black for a sleek look.

3. Is the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS equipped with lane keep assist?

While Subaru’s EyeSight system typically includes lane keep assist, it is not explicitly mentioned in the details released for the 2024 BRZ tS. However, the system does offer other advanced driver assistance features for added safety.

With these significant upgrades and new features, the 2024 Subaru BRZ tS is set to impress sports car enthusiasts and drivers looking for a thrilling driving experience combined with modern technology and luxury.

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