Most Stolen Automobiles In America: 10 Automobiles Thieves Cannot Resist

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By Car Brand Experts

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Marketed below the Ram model nowadays, most thefts return to when Stellantis vans nonetheless used Dodge of their title. The full variety of Dodge automobiles stolen over 10 years is roughly 130,000, and with a number of Chargers, Durangos, and Challengers being unfairly repossessed of late, Dodge might do with upgrading its automotive safety methods. That mentioned, issues could possibly be worse.

130,000 thefts of Dodge/Ram pickups alone. That is a substantial quantity, however nonetheless a way off the variety of robberies recorded for America’s most stolen pickup truck. You’ll be able to place your bets on what it’s now.

First, it’s essential know that fashionable security measures do not put thieves off. Necessity is the mom of invention, which is how thieves got here up with a tool that may relay the sign from the important thing fob to the automotive, even when the hot button is in the home. Consider it as a high-tech mediator. That is how they achieve entry to the automobile.

Then there’s the demand. Ram’s are well-known in third-world nations, regardless that they are not bought there. Imagine it or not, a Ram is seen as an object of wealth, if solely as a result of it is a lot greater and stronger than third-world pickups just like the Toyota Hilux. Rams are stolen to order, and there are various corrupt folks in Africa with boatloads of cash.

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