Mitsubishi is Hinting at a Ralliart Concept So Let’s Approach with Moderated Enthusiasm

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It has been a considerable amount of time since Mitsubishi engaged in anything captivating, thus, it’s reasonable that it has decided to notify us all in advance. Perhaps this is so we can ensure we are prepared ahead of time. The previous announcement from the Japanese brand was the somewhat unremarkable Ralliart variants of its crossover models in the Thai market. It is with sincere delight that I can convey to you that this teaser displays something genuinely promising. 

Alternatively, if it is not promising, it is at the very least intriguing. Mitsubishi is teasing two concepts that will be revealed on January 14 next year at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and there will be production models forthcoming, unlike the Grandsphere or iVision Circular concepts that serve more as ambiance showcases.

Both of these concepts require some deciphering, but in a positive light. The initial concept hails from Ralliart, which essentially represents Mitsubishi’s motorsport division. Notably, historically, this team has been predominantly focused on rallying above all else; although, recently, their interest in motorsport has waned. Mitsubishi no longer has any active motorsport programs, with its World Rally Championship endeavors concluding in 2005, its last Dakar attempt occurring in 2009, and its ill-timed venture into electric racing collapsing in 2015, a year after Formula E commenced.

Nevertheless, this does not preclude the creation of engaging, motorsport-themed concepts. In May of last year, Mitsubishi declared the return of Ralliart, and here is the initial tangible evidence of that revival. Perhaps somewhat alarmingly, this hints at an SUV featuring a substantial carbon fiber diffuser, yet we will remain hopeful.

According to the press release, the Ralliart concept integrates Mitsubishi’s engineering prowess with its dedication to craftsmanship challenges, known as monozukuri, a trendy term in Japan presently denoting manufacturing innovation. There are no specifics as of yet, other than it pledges to deliver “a premium aura and a powerful presence,” and that its appearance will purportedly set the stage for the future of Ralliart. Mitsubishi, please make this a Lancer.

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The second concept, labeled as Kei EV Concept3, provides even fewer details; however, we do know that it will belong to Japan’s small, local car segment. Mitsubishi’s teaser hints that it will exude, and I quote, “Mitsubishi Motors-ness” emphasizing “safety, security, comfort, and environmental consciousness.”

An electric vehicle at its core, the release assures robust car-like performance paired with all the modern driving aids (so, at a minimum, a sizable screen capable of voice interactions) amalgamated with the nimbleness of a diminutive kei car. The proliferation of smaller cars on the roads always brings me joy, so genuinely: outstanding, can’t wait.

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