Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed: An Innovative F1 Inspired Roadster

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The debut of the initial vehicle in the luxurious “Mythos” range by Mercedes-AMG is here, and it goes by the name PureSpeed. This convertible roadster for two takes cues from the legendary vintage race cars and Formula 1 heritage of Mercedes. While Mercedes has not explicitly confirmed it, the PureSpeed seems to be derived from the SL convertible, showcasing resemblances in its front and rear lights. The front of the car showcases a sleek sharknose design on the bumper with a lower grille that proudly showcases a white AMG emblem.

Michael Schiebe, the chairman of AMG, mentions, “The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed offers a peek at the most immediate route to accessing performance and the joy of driving. Radically open, lacking a roof or windshield, it enables two passengers to truly connect with nature. This initial vehicle of the Mythos series epitomizes the ultimate in exclusivity, with unique features like the HALO that evoke a Formula 1 ambiance.”

Mercedes has yet to delve into details about the powerhouse of the PureSpeed, but speculation points towards it possibly housing the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine from the SL63. This engine could come in the standard 577 horsepower variant or the upgraded 805-horsepower E Performance edition. In any case, it is set to be the most thrilling roadster in the market.

Securing ownership of one, however, will be no easy feat. Mercedes plans to produce merely 250 units, exclusive to the most devoted admirers and collectors of Mercedes-Benz. While the pricing remains a mystery, it is anticipated that prospective buyers will not hesitate to pay a premium for this prestigious offering.

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