McLaren Introduces Innovative Triple-Motor Rear Axle System for Electric Supercars

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McLaren, the renowned British automaker, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking patent for a cutting-edge three-motor rear axle system designed for high-performance electric supercars. This revolutionary technology aims to enhance performance, torque vectoring, and regenerative braking capabilities in electric vehicles.

McLaren’s Triple-Motor Rear Axle System

The patented triple-motor rear axle system comprises a differential with an electric motor at each input/output point, totaling three motors. These motors collaboratively drive the vehicle while also facilitating torque vectoring and regenerative braking. By individually controlling the outer motors, the vehicle gains enhanced maneuverability and traction, optimizing power delivery.

Versatile Applications

While specifics on total output remain undisclosed, the patent suggests broader applications beyond battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The system can potentially be powered by alternative sources such as hydrogen fuel cells or supercapacitors, making it adaptable for hybrid configurations. In hybrids, the system could be integrated into the front axle, complementing an internal combustion engine on the rear axle.

Enhanced Control and Complexity

The integration of three motors within a single drive unit sets this system apart from conventional hybrid setups, offering intricate control possibilities. McLaren has addressed challenges related to synchronized motor operation and differential functions, emphasizing the system’s advanced engineering and potential for unparalleled torque vectoring precision.


McLaren’s pioneering triple-motor rear axle system represents a significant leap in electric vehicle technology, promising exceptional performance and agility in future supercars. This innovative approach demonstrates McLaren’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electrification in the automotive industry.


What are the primary benefits of McLaren’s triple-motor rear axle system?

McLaren’s system enhances performance, torque vectoring capabilities, and regenerative braking in electric vehicles, providing superior control and agility.

Can the system be used in vehicles other than fully electric supercars?

Yes, the system’s versatile design allows for application in hybrid vehicles with alternative power sources like hydrogen fuel cells or supercapacitors.

What sets McLaren’s system apart from traditional hybrid setups?

McLaren’s system integrates three electric motors within a single drive unit, offering advanced control over torque vectoring and maneuverability, setting it apart from conventional hybrid configurations.

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