Mazda MX-5 Miata Could Debut With ‘Electrified’ Power in 2026

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The upcoming iteration of the famous Mazda MX-5 convertible is en route and will surely feature an electrified powertrain. The exact launch date has been unveiled now, with Mazda’s executives hinting at its arrival in around four years – by 2026.

In a conversation with Australia’s Which Car?, Mazda’s Senior Managing Executive Officer Yasuhiro Aoyama stated that the next-generation MX-5 is planned to launch post the implementation of Euro 7 emissions standards, effective from July 2025. The publication hinted at a possible launch year of 2026. Mazda has previously confirmed to The Drive that the next MX-5 will incorporate electrification due to stringent emissions standards, with a commitment to retaining the car’s lightweight essence.

Mazda’s chief designer Akira Tamatani further elaborated on the next MX-5, indicating that its design will be influenced by the recently unveiled Vision Study concept. Noteworthy is Tamatani’s confirmation that the car will not be equipped with Mazda’s new turbo inline six engine, and that the exact form of its electrified powertrain is yet to be finalized.

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Mazda Vision Study concept car. Mazda

Electrification, as a broad term, encompasses various technologies from mild hybrids with 48-volt systems to fully electric vehicles, offering flexibility in the choice of powertrain. Given the MX-5’s historical status as a lightweight, affordable sports car, a moderate level of electrification seems plausible to balance weight and cost factors. This approach likely excludes a fully-electric option, a range-extender setup like the MX-30, or a plug-in hybrid, though performance enhancements will certainly not be compromised.

Earlier this year, an intricate Mazda patent for a tri-motor hybrid system emerged, potentially suitable for the MX-5. This design includes a small 3.5-kWh battery, capacitors for rapid energy release, and an 80-horsepower electric motor that, when combined with an internal combustion engine, could deliver impressive performance. However, due to the complexity, cost, and weight of such a system, a more probable scenario is the integration of a 48-volt mild hybrid setup in the next MX-5, perhaps even featuring the Skyactiv-X semi-compression-ignition engine teased by Mazda in previous years.

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