Lifted Chrysler 300C With a Hemi V8 and AWD Makes a Capable Plow Rig

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Article: How a Lifted Chrysler 300C With a Hemi V8 and AWD Became a Surprisingly Capable Plow Rig


Pushing snow just got a whole lot more interesting with Anthony Prior’s modified 2006 Chrysler 300C featuring a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine and all-wheel drive. By adding a lift kit, big tires, a winch, and more, this sedan has transformed into a head-turning and efficient plow rig, making winter chores more enjoyable for its owner.

The Journey to a Unique Plow Rig

Prior’s adventure with plow machines didn’t start with the Chrysler 300C. His previous project involved a Cadillac sedan affectionately named “CTS-YEE,” which served as a dedicated build for the Gambler 500 event. Seeking something more comfortable for Michigan winters, Prior upgraded to the Chrysler to bid farewell to his ATV plowing days.

Transforming a Bargain Find into a Workhorse

Choosing the Chrysler 300C over a Dodge Charger due to its affordability as a salvaged Copart car with minor front-end damage, Prior had a vision. Upgrades included new body parts to restore functionality, Ram Rebel wheels with 33-inch tires necessitating a lift kit, and a customized plow mount for easy installation on the front crash bar.


Through Prior’s ingenuity and passion for customization, the Chrysler 300C has evolved into a capable plow rig, serving practicality with a touch of uniqueness. Its success in clearing snow, including at events like the SCCA Rallycross, showcases its functionality and reliability despite its unconventional appearance.


Q: Why did Anthony Prior choose the Chrysler 300C for his plow rig?
A: Prior opted for the Chrysler 300C due to its affordability, salvage status, and the potential for customization to meet his plowing needs.

Q: What modifications were made to the Chrysler 300C for plowing snow?
A: The modifications included a lift kit, 33-inch tires, installing a winch, a custom plow mount, and various structural enhancements to make it a capable winter workhorse.

Q: How has the Chrysler 300C performed as a plow rig?
A: Despite its unconventional appearance, the Chrysler 300C has proven to be a reliable and efficient plow rig, successfully handling tasks like clearing snow at the Milan Dragway’s property.

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