Lexus Affirms Its Steering Yoke Won’t Be Available Until 2025

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The introduction of Lexus’ drive-by-wire steering yoke for the electric RZ SUV has been postponed because the company aims to refine the steering system before its official debut. Yushi Higashiyama, the assistant chief engineer of the Lexus RZ, highlighted in an interview with CarBuzz that the drive-by-wire steering yoke configuration necessitates some final adjustments that may require a year or more. Consequently, this system is anticipated to be integrated into Lexus vehicles around 2025, although its availability in the U.S. remains uncertain.

Tesla faced criticism for its steering yoke due to its perceived awkwardness and discomfort during extensive hand movements. This is why the majority of automotive manufacturers employ steering wheels. Nevertheless, Lexus has equipped its yoke with a highly adaptive drive-by-wire system that permits a maximum of 300 degrees of steering motion. By design, the steering yoke is physically limited from rotating fully, eliminating the need for hand-over-hand maneuvers, thus enhancing usability and comfort. To ensure the steering feels natural with such restricted motion, it necessitates a variable steering ratio that ensures ease of navigation at low speeds without being overly sensitive at higher speeds.

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With minimal yoke movement at low speeds, significant steering input is directed to the front wheels, facilitating easier navigation in parking lots and other low-speed scenarios. Conversely, higher speeds necessitate increased yoke movement to reduce steering input for enhanced stability. The challenge with such a variable ratio is the potential for abrupt changes, which can be disconcerting. Lexus is diligently addressing this balance to ensure a natural feel for drivers in all driving conditions.

Until the integration of the yoke, the Lexus RZ will utilize a conventional steering wheel paired with a standard electric power steering rack. The timeline for introducing the yoke and its adaptable drive-by-wire steering rack in the U.S. has not been disclosed, although there are plans to launch in other markets by 2025.

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