Let’s Break Down the Price Tag for this $2.3M Ferrari Daytona SP3

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Today is a perfect day to reflect on the amount of wealth you lack. It’s also a fitting moment to recognize that it might be acceptable to not possess a substantial amount of money, as allocating it towards frivolous expenditures, like a $9,000 unipedal Rolls-Royce “seat,” or opting to spend $14,341 on an airbrushed depiction of a horse, may not be a wise choice.

Brought to my notice by the individuals at Motor1, this visual presentation by Doug DeMuro scrutinizes the elegant Ferrari Daytona SP3 from every angle. It not only provides an overview of the features listed on the price sticker, which despite being concise, accumulates to a staggering $2,333,192.00 when all is said and done. Certainly, a customized vehicle, limited to merely 599 units, is not expected to be economical, yet some of the features listed are quite amusing.

The most striking feature is the racing design applied to the vehicle, carrying an exorbitant price tag of $35,432. That’s a considerable sum for essentially what equates to a collection of race stripes. Additionally, there’s the previously mentioned $14,341 intricately airbrushed Scuderia emblems adorning the car’s sides. Typically crafted from metal or available as a carbon option, the remarkably unique SP3 features custom shields, hence these are airbrushed.

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Lastly, the distinctive paint color concludes the exterior enhancements with the bluish-violet shade commanding $18,561. Personally, I find this particular feature delightful. The quality of the paint is crucial irrespective of the vehicle, and I would gladly pay a significant amount for a unique custom color. This specific shade is truly captivating, so commendations for that. Additionally, $8,099 for the 20-inch “forged diamond wheels” seems like a reasonable investment. A commendable selection. This brings the total cost of all external modifications to $76,433.

Regarding interior enhancements, this SP3 did not feature any notably extravagant components. The embroidery of the Prancing Horse on the headrest incurs a cost of $1,265, while the unique stitching is a $759 option. Merely $2,024 was invested in interior embellishments. I have encountered less costly Ferraris with significantly more interior luxuries, like $1,500 carpeted floor mats. Or my personal favorite, $4,200 for the incorporation of Apple CarPlay.

An intriguing entry on the list of charges on the price sticker is the “Added Expenses” segment valued at $30,800. The exact nature of this expense remains ambiguous, yet one could acquire a superb new Subaru Crosstrek for such a sum. Further, there is a $5,000 fee for shipping and handling, in addition to the $2,218,935.00 MSRP.

Ultimately, these supplementary add-ons hold little significance for individuals purchasing a multi-million-dollar Italian automobile, especially considering this likely constitutes the 10th or 11th vehicle in their collection. These aspects are merely notable, cringe-worthy, and amusing to regular individuals like you and me.

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