ICX Summit keynote: Tapping customer engagement drives big shoe brand success

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Customer Engagement Key to Charleston Shoe Company’s Success

Neely Woodson Powell, founder of the Charleston Shoe Company, will be sharing insights at the ICX Summit about how customer engagement has been crucial to the big success of her footwear brand. Learn more about her journey and strategies for driving customer satisfaction and sales.

Charleston Shoe Company: Walking the Path to Success

Neely Woodson Powell, the visionary behind the Charleston Shoe Company, embarked on her retail adventure by embracing customer engagement from day one. By actively involving customers in her store experience, Powell set the stage for her brand’s remarkable journey to success.

The Power of Customer Engagement in Fashion

Powell’s dedication to customer engagement led to the creation of an iconic national brand renowned for its versatile and fashionable footwear. With a team of 180, including 60 skilled cobblers, the Charleston Shoe Company has extended its reach to over 800 boutiques, online platforms, and retail outlets.

ICX Summit: Unveiling the Secrets of ‘Shoe Joy’

Neely Woodson Powell’s story of triumph through customer engagement will be a highlight at the upcoming ICX Summit on September 9-11 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Attendees can gain invaluable insights into building and expanding a brand through meaningful customer interactions.


Neely Woodson Powell’s journey with the Charleston Shoe Company showcases the transformative power of customer engagement in propelling a brand to success. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and embracing innovative strategies, Powell has not only created a thriving business but also an enduring connection with her clientele.


What is the ICX Summit?

The ICX Summit is an annual event that brings together industry leaders and innovators to discuss and share insights on enhancing customer experience in various sectors.

How can retailers improve customer experience?

Retailers can enhance customer experience by prioritizing customer engagement, offering a diverse range of products, providing seamless shopping experiences, and investing in employee training and development.

Who is the typical customer of the Charleston Shoe Company?

The Charleston Shoe Company caters to a wide range of customers, including women of all ages and backgrounds, as well as men who appreciate quality and style in footwear.

What advice does Neely Woodson Powell offer to retailers looking to improve customer experience?

Powell emphasizes the importance of hiring employees who are passionate about the brand and its mission, as they play a crucial role in creating a positive shopping environment and fostering a strong company culture.

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