Guenther Steiner Takes Legal Action Against Haas F1 Alleging Unpaid Dues

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Guenther Steiner Sues Haas F1 for Unpaid Wages

Guenther Steiner, the former team principal of Haas F1, known for his meme-worthy presence in Formula 1, has initiated legal proceedings against Haas F1. He has accused the team of failing to fulfill its financial obligations toward him as per his contract.

Allegations of Non-Payment by Haas

Court documents from Mecklenburg, North Carolina, reveal that Haas F1 chose not to renew Steiner’s contract for the following season but withheld payments owed to him. While the exact sum remains undisclosed, Steiner asserts that Haas has violated their agreement by withholding payment.

Unauthorized Use of Likeness

Steiner’s grievances extend beyond monetary compensation. He alleges that Haas continues to utilize his likeness, including his image and name, on their merchandise, in advertisements, and on their website. Despite parting ways with the team, Steiner’s prominence in the recent season of Netflix’s Drive to Survive has sustained his popularity among fans.

Impact of Steiner’s Presence

The court documents state that Steiner’s visibility in Drive to Survive significantly boosted Haas F1′s fan base. However, the ongoing use of his image without compensating him post-termination has prompted Steiner to seek reparation for the unauthorized exploitation of his identity.

Steiner’s Continued Influence

Despite his separation from Haas F1, Steiner remains a prominent figure in Formula 1. His upcoming role as an ambassador at the 2024 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix underscores his enduring influence in the sport.


Guenther Steiner’s legal challenge against Haas F1 sheds light on the complexities of contractual disputes in the world of motorsport. The case underscores the significance of upholding financial agreements and respecting intellectual property rights in professional relationships.

FAQ Section

Q: Why did Haas F1 not renew Guenther Steiner’s contract?

A: Haas F1 decided not to extend Guenther Steiner’s contract for the subsequent season, leading to his departure from the team.

Q: What is Guenther Steiner seeking in his lawsuit against Haas F1?

A: In addition to unpaid wages, Guenther Steiner is pursuing compensation for the unauthorized use of his likeness by Haas F1 following his departure from the team.

Q: How has Guenther Steiner’s presence impacted Haas F1’s popularity?

A: Steiner’s participation in the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” has played a vital role in attracting fans to Haas F1, contributing to the team’s visibility in the motorsport community.

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