Ford Maverick Wizard Swaps in F-150 Shifter to Replace That Silly Dial

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Ford Maverick Upgrade: F-150 Shifter Swap for Enhanced Performance

Ford Maverick Enthusiast Upgrades the Interior with F-150 Shifter

Ivan Gonzalez, known for his groundbreaking mods on the Ford Maverick, has taken his expertise one step further by addressing a common complaint among Maverick owners—the stock dial shifter. Gonzalez, a trailblazer in the modding community, has swapped out the Maverick’s dial shifter with a more robust F-150 shifter, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the interior.

Upgrading to the F-150 Shifter

Gonzalez’s meticulous approach involved disassembling the center console, seamlessly integrating the F-150 shifter into the Maverick’s interior. With a few modifications and additions, including a carbon fiber shifter surround, Gonzalez achieved a sleek and practical upgrade. Moreover, he went the extra mile by incorporating paddle shifters for a seamless driving experience.

Integration of Paddle Shifters

To complement the F-150 shifter upgrade, Gonzalez integrated paddle shifters into the Maverick’s steering wheel. By sourcing compatible parts from vehicles like the European Focus ST, Gonzalez expanded the Maverick’s capabilities while maintaining a cohesive and factory-like appearance. A careful wiring process and ECU adjustments were necessary to ensure optimal functionality.

Sharing Knowledge with the Community

Gonzalez’s innovation has sparked interest in Maverick enthusiasts looking to replicate his upgrades. While he doesn’t offer a dedicated swap kit, Gonzalez provides the necessary parts for enthusiasts to embark on similar projects. His willingness to share his expertise underscores the collaborative spirit within the modding community, where shared knowledge propels innovation and personalization.


The Ford Maverick F-150 shifter swap, spearheaded by Ivan Gonzalez, exemplifies the transformative power of aftermarket upgrades. By enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, Gonzalez has set a new standard for Maverick customization, inspiring enthusiasts to push the boundaries of possibility in their own projects.


Can I replicate Ivan Gonzalez’s F-150 shifter swap on my Ford Maverick?

Yes, with the right parts and a meticulous approach, you can replicate Gonzalez’s upgrade on your Ford Maverick. While a dedicated swap kit may not be available, sourcing parts and following his steps can help achieve a similar result.

Are paddle shifters necessary for the upgrade?

Paddle shifters are not essential for the F-150 shifter swap, but they can enhance the driving experience by providing manual control over gear shifts. Integrating paddle shifters requires additional wiring and ECU adjustments.

Where can I find the compatible parts for the F-150 shifter swap?

Parts for the F-150 shifter swap, including the shifter itself and paddle shifters, can be sourced from various Ford models, such as the F-150 and European Focus ST. Online marketplaces and auto parts retailers may offer these components for purchase.

For more automotive news and customization tips, stay tuned to Fast Mavericks and similar modding communities dedicated to pushing the boundaries of vehicle customization.

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