Ford F-150 Lightning Easily Tackles Barrier While Tesla Cybertruck Struggles

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Upon viewing off-road footage of the Tesla Cybertruck, it becomes evident that the electric automaker has solely focused on traction control software for paved surfaces. The stainless steel pickup seemed to struggle ascending an obstacle that, while challenging, should have been within its capabilities. In response, Ford showcased the F-150 Lightning effortlessly conquering the same terrain section.

The video, most likely orchestrated by Ford, was shared via the Twitter account of Ford CEO Jim Farley. The F-150, sporting Michigan plates, strongly suggests ownership by the manufacturer. Despite appearing to have regular tires, it outshined the Cybertruck on the obstacle, the latter possibly equipped with all-terrain tires, as seen in a clip initially posted on Instagram by @stretch_thecj2l.

Prior to filming, Ford may have taken preparatory measures. Considerations like the number of takes, a spotter’s presence off-camera, etc., remain unknown. Furthermore, while the Tesla is a prototype, the F-150 Lightning is a production model. The Cybertruck likely underwent testing, including its all-wheel-drive system, while the F-150’s seamless climb showcased a different performance.

In the past, Tesla has engaged in similar comparisons; at this juncture, achieving fairness seems inconsequential. Any perceived weakness from one prompts the other to exploit it, creating an atmosphere of competition.

This rivalry foreshadows the imminent electric pickup battle, with the Cybertruck at its epicenter. Tesla, led by Elon Musk, has made ambitious claims about its vehicle’s performance, which upcoming production units will substantiate. While traditional automakers are novices in electric truck production, their extensive experience in building pickups, as demonstrated by Ford’s effortless ascent, holds significance.

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