Find Brand New Factory Engine Components for Your Vintage Aston Martin DB5 Today

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Reducing the worry of owning a vintage Aston Martin is now possible. In the past, in the event of engine failure in your classic Aston, you had to either rebuild it, locate an engine from a donor vehicle, or completely swap it out. However, Aston Martin Works—the historic branch of Aston Martin—is now reintroducing classic engines and transmissions with all the original factory documentation required by vintage Aston owners to establish their status in the prestigious Concours hierarchy.

Enthusiasts of the Aston Martin DB4, DB5, DB6, and select V8 models can now purchase fresh engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, and other significant components, all crafted to match the original manufacturer’s specifications.

“Through collaboration with the outstanding engineers within our team and at Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters, crucial parts suppliers have been assigned the task of developing these new components,” mentioned Paul Spires, the president of Aston Martin Works, in a press release.

One of the partners Aston Martin Works is partnering with is ZF, who aided in replicating the initial gearboxes for the first time since the 1970s.

All recreated original engine and gearbox components will come with the necessary documentation to verify their legitimacy. Hence, during Concours events, owners can rest assured that prying judges won’t dock points for the use of any aftermarket engine parts. The Aston Martin Works team also conducts thorough checks and inspections on all components prior to sale.

Aston Martin Works had previously made available components for vintage cars like shock absorbers, suspension parts, brakes, and even bodywork. Additionally, numerous auxiliary engine parts were already in stock, including carburetors, fuel pumps, thermostats, and gasket kits. Procuring most components for vintage Astons had not posed a challenge for quite some time. Nonetheless, this marks the debut of reproducing major powertrain and drivetrain components. The pricing for recreated Aston Martin inline-sixes and V8s remains undisclosed but for classic Aston owners, cost is likely not a top concern.

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