F1 Designer Adrian Newey Is Done With Red Bull After 19 Years

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Legendary F1 Designer Adrian Newey Bids Farewell to Red Bull After 19 Years

Adrian Newey’s Departure Confirmed

Rumors surrounding the departure of renowned Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey from Red Bull Racing have been validated by the team’s official announcement. After a 19-year tenure, the Chief Technical Officer has decided to part ways with the Milton Keynes outfit, despite having a contract in place until 2025.

Turbulent Terms and Future Involvement

Newey’s exit appears to stem from strains in his relationship with team principal Christian Horner, with reports suggesting a deteriorating dynamic over the past year. While the specifics of the discord remain unclear, it is noteworthy that Newey will still be participating in some races in a capacity of “trackside support” during the 2024 season. Moreover, his pivotal role in steering the development of Red Bull’s inaugural street-legal hypercar, the RB17, continues.

Legacy of Success

The collaboration between Newey and Red Bull Racing has been nothing short of phenomenal, yielding an impressive track record boasting six F1 Constructors’ World Championships, seven drivers’ championships, 101 pole positions, and an astounding 118 race victories. The departure marks the end of an era marked by unrivaled success in the realm of motorsport.

Future Prospects

While Newey’s future plans remain undisclosed, speculation abounds regarding potential suitors eager to secure his unrivaled expertise. With whispers of interest from prominent F1 teams like Aston Martin, Ferrari, and McLaren, the maestro’s next move is poised to create ripples across the paddock.

A New Chapter Awaits

As Adrian Newey bids adieu to Red Bull Racing, the motorsport community eagerly anticipates the unfolding of his next chapter. With a legacy of innovation and success that has redefined the F1 landscape, his influence is set to endure, shaping the future of racing for years to come.


Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing marks the end of a storied chapter in F1 history, defined by unparalleled success and groundbreaking innovation. While his exit signals a significant change within the team, it also opens up a world of possibilities for the legendary designer as he embarks on a new journey in the world of motorsport.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull Racing?

Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull Racing seems to be rooted in strained relations with team principal Christian Horner, leading to his decision to part ways despite having a contract until 2025.

2. What are Adrian Newey’s future plans?

Adrian Newey has not disclosed his future plans post his departure from Red Bull Racing. However, speculations indicate that various F1 teams are eyeing the opportunity to collaborate with the renowned designer.

3. What is Adrian Newey’s legacy at Red Bull Racing?

During his 19-year tenure at Red Bull Racing, Adrian Newey played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s success, contributing to six F1 Constructors’ World Championships, seven drivers’ championships, 101 pole positions, and 118 race wins.

4. Will Adrian Newey still be involved with Red Bull following his departure?

While Adrian Newey will no longer be a part of Red Bull Racing in an official capacity, he is expected to provide trackside support at some races during the 2024 season and remain engaged in the final development stages of the RB17 hypercar.

5. Which F1 teams are interested in collaborating with Adrian Newey?

Prominent F1 teams like Aston Martin, Ferrari, and McLaren are rumored to be considering the possibility of securing Adrian Newey’s expertise for future projects, amidst his departure from Red Bull Racing.

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