Exploring the Superiority of a Secondary Abode Over Primary Residency

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years ago, the first installment discussed El Cid in Mazatlan as a “secondary sanctuary,” a location distinct from one’s habitat yet providing a similar sense of ease. The pivotal elements were the facilities, culinary offerings, entertainment, and hospitality. Last year, the focus shifted to El Cid in Puerto Morelos, examining how it aligns with these significant criteria.

A Plethora of Amenities

Similar to
Mazatlan, we were presented with a selection of three resorts. The premises comprise 20 edifices housing guest rooms, along with four eateries, three reception areas, a boutique, a kids’ club, and a teens’ hangout. The property boasts five pool complexes, including three infinity pools and four expansive hot tubs. Extending along the coastline is a lengthy beachfront, featuring three stone pathways leading to oceanfront pavilions. Moreover, there exists a marina, a dolphin facility, a conference venue, a sports zone, and a recreational garden endeavor.
While in Mazatlan, external laundromats were necessary, in Cancun, an onsite facility is conveniently available. 

Cuisine and Beverages

At El Cid in Cancun, an all-inclusive regimen is mandated (unlike Mazatlan, where it is optional as per our agreement). Mirroring the setup in Mazatlan, the property houses nine high-caliber dining venues, including three buffet-style eateries. There are three bar lounges in the lobby and an additional four adjacent to the pools. For esteemed Platinum patrons such as ourselves, there are five exclusive establishments offering an extensive array of libations, encompassing even the most premium selections, accompanied by a diverse selection of hors d’oeuvres.Midweek evenings are reserved for wine or tequila tastings, complemented by specialized culinary offerings. Fridays host a Taco Night at the garden activity center, alternating with a Jazz Cocktail Party for members biweekly. Noteworthy festivities such as Christmas, New Year, Superbowl, and St. Patrick’s are grandiose affairs.

Constant Entertainment Offerings

Throughout the day, a plethora of activities cater to individuals of all ages, predominantly centered around the pool enclaves (including bingo, quizzes, aqua aerobics, dance sessions, and Spanish language tutorials). The younger members of our group found immense delight in the days dedicated to soap bubbles and the creation of mammoth pool fortresses. Evenings are replete with a pair of performances scheduled at 7 and 9 o’clock (comprising tributes, spectacles, and more), with live musical performances a constant feature at the three nearby bars.

Distinguished Customer Care

However, what truly sets El Cid apart is the exceptional attention lavished upon us by the staff. While four exemplary individuals are highlighted here, numerous others echo their dedication.

As holders of Platinum status, we are privileged to a butler, described as a “chief male attendant.” This year, we specifically requested Gonzalo, aged 54, a gesture he enthusiastically accommodated. Going above and beyond, he even offered us access to his personal assortment of DVDs and music. During a romantic dinner, he ensured that I was surprised with Bill’s Valentine’s Day flowers. In a time of need for medication, he took it upon himself to procure the required items after meticulous research.

Carmen, our diligent chambermaid with six years of tenure at El Cid, took special care to synchronize room cleaning schedules with our midday outings and replenishing supplies during her weekly day off. A quick learner, she promptly noted my preference for elongated pillows, and diligently adjusted them each day.

Italia, our concierge stationed at the favored Platinum Lounge, a college graduate, finds fulfillment in forging authentic connections with guests rather than merely executing her professional duties. Her thoughtful gesture of promptly replenishing the snack bowls, especially with my preferred potato chips upon my approach, was a delightful touch!

Similarly, Cynthia, our attendant at the Hacienda lunch buffet, has faithfully served El Cid for eight years, marking her initial foray into the workforce post-high school. Upon spotting us, she swiftly attended to our needs, ensuring our table-for-two was perpetually equipped with water glasses, followed by Bill’s desired red wine. As I indulged in dessert, she promptly presented my tall cup of steaming water, complete with chamomile tea bags and honey.

Within the realm of amenities, dining and libations, and entertainment, El Cid emerges as a sanctuary away from home! The presence of individuals such as those aforementioned elevates the experience beyond even the comforts of home.

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