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American suspension modifier Fortune Auto has recently unveiled an intriguing spring system for lowering, specifically designed for cars equipped with adaptable shock absorbers such as the American Honda Civic Type R and Toyota Supra. I had the opportunity to inspect this closely during the SEMA exhibition this week.

The primary purpose of lowering springs is largely aesthetic. While there might be some enhancement in handling performance by lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity and adjusting the spring rates, the results can vary significantly depending on the specific kit.

Fortune Auto’s Variable Height Lowering Spring (VHLS) kits offer more than just lowering a vehicle. This system enables you to adjust the ride height at each corner without sacrificing the various settings (such as sport, comfort, etc.) of your factory-installed dampers.

The major contrast between the VHLS and a conventional lowering spring lies in Fortune Auto’s kit, which includes an adaptable perch. This allows you to adjust the ride height by screwing it in or out to achieve the desired setting before installation. According to the company’s representatives, you can adjust it anywhere between the stock height and a drop of about 1.5 inches while retaining the original dampers.

This short clip provides a clear explanation of the product:

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The more advanced vehicles become, the more challenging they are to customize. However, this offers a clever solution for those who wish to slightly lower their CTR or new Supra without giving up the premium factory adaptive dampers or investing heavily in coilovers.

You can now purchase VHLS for the current (A90) Toyota Supra, current (FL5) Honda Civic Type R, and previous (FK8) CTR models. Prices are approximately $1,000 for Civics and $850 for Supras before shipping at the time of writing.

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