Exclusive Unveiling of the Latest Rolls-Royce Ghost in Germany

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Crucial Insights

  • Anticipate a subtle makeover for the 2025 Rolls-Royce Ghost primarily focusing on aesthetic enhancements.
  • Notable exterior modifications include borrowing new taillights from the Spectre and the possibility of fresh wheel selections.
  • The vehicle will stick to its 6.75L V12 engine, with adjustments to comply with emission standards and improve fuel efficiency.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is on track to undergo a minor refresh this year, and our undercover photographers have once again captured the company testing it. Following its winter testing session where the smallest Rolls was captured undergoing winter evaluations, this time it was spotted near the BMW testing facility in Munich, sporting light camouflage but showcasing many of its updated features.

With the latest model launched in 2020, the Ghost is due for an upgrade, although we don’t expect it to be as extensive as some might have anticipated. We predict the changes will mostly center around visual upgrades, much akin to the approach taken with the Cullinan, incorporating design elements inspired by the Spectre EV.

Subtle Aesthetic Transformations

The front section remains concealed, but discernible new headlights can be observed, featuring a sleek upward sweep towards the central part of the vehicle, deviating significantly from the square design of the previous iteration. There’s a possibility that the lighting might taper towards the outer edges similar to the new Cullinan, although that remains uncertain. Additionally, a fresh lower front fascia and additional air vents hint that the Ghost is steering away from its previous boxy appearance.

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The side profile remains unaltered, but we anticipate the introduction of new wheel options. At the rear, the significant update comprises the incorporation of taillights featuring dual LED strips sourced from the Spectre. Interior shots were not obtainable, but expectations are high for the debut of a fully digital driver’s display and revamped infotainment system.

Momentary Delay in Electrification

Most aspects of the model are projected to stay the same, including the robust 6.75-liter V12 engine, albeit slated for enhancements to meet emission regulations and potentially enhance fuel efficiency figures. By sticking with the V12 powertrain, Rolls-Royce distinguishes itself from rival Bentley, which recently publicized a transition of its W12 lineup towards a hybridized V8 configuration set to debut in the forthcoming weeks on the Continental GT.


Rolls-Royce Expanding Factory For More Bespoke Builds, Not More Volume

New CEO Chris Brownridge says the automaker isn’t chasing volume but wants to meet demand for bespoke vehicle commissions.

Is it the most efficient choice for performance? Likely not, but Rolls-Royce has already grasped what many other manufacturers are just starting to recognize: the ultra-wealthy desire vehicles with personality. They crave a personalized connection and an unmistakable V12 engine provides exactly that. With stringent emissions standards in place, it’s hoped that the boutique automaker continues to innovate, potentially delving into hybrid solutions, as the blend of immediate electric torque alongside the melodic V12 soundtrack could offer the best of both realms.

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