Exclusive: Formerly in Possession of F1 Icon Alain Prost, a Remarkable Ferrari F40 Is Now Available for Purchase

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The esteemed Ferrari team holds the record for the most Formula 1 world championships, and is renowned for recruiting renowned champions who, despite high expectations, often fail to achieve exceptional results. Alain Prost, among others, had a similar experience when he enlisted with the squad in 1990; however, he did enjoy the privilege of owning a magnificent vehicle. The very car is now being offered for sale.

Upon joining the F1 roster in preparation for what he anticipated would be a triumphant 1990 season, Prost received a Ferrari F40 as a token of appreciation. This supercar, renowned at the time for its unparalleled performance, boasted a top speed of 201 mph, earning it the title of the fastest production car globally upon its debut in 1987, a feat accredited to its robust 471-horsepower 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. If this description resonates with your automotive preferences, you may be delighted to learn that Prost’s exceptional vehicle is now available for auction through RM Sotheby’s.

After the passing of Enzo Ferrari, Prost became the inaugural driver enlisted by the F1 team. Boasting three consecutive F1 titles, he had bested Ayrton Senna, his McLaren counterpart, the previous year. However, Prost’s stint with Ferrari was simultaneously melancholic and brief; following a second-place finish in 1990, he was dismissed midway through 1991 for openly criticizing the squad’s lackluster performance.

Notably, Prost’s F40, with chassis number 83249, was manufactured by Ferrari in 1989. Designed without adjustable suspension or catalytic converters, its specifications are said to be highly sought after in the collector community. Interestingly, Prost informed RM Sotheby’s that the car remained unused after its acquisition. Nonetheless, it was briefly registered under Prost’s name in France in 1990.

OnceThe Formula 1 racer, now under the ownership of Ferrari enthusiast Graham de Zille, had the car’s roof inked by Prost before it changed hands. The autograph was covered with a clear coat and still retains a faint visibility to this day. Subsequently, it has traversed through various other proprietors and presently dwells in France.

With less than 2,900 miles on its odometer, the vehicle boasts complete Ferrari Classiche authentication affirming the authenticity of its original engine, gearbox, chassis, and body. Recently in 2019, the F40 underwent a comprehensive service that included the replacement of its fuel bladders. These replacements hold validity and compliance until 2028, providing assurance to the next owner. The package also consists of a comprehensive historical dossier, owner’s manual, service logbook, toolbox, and the original front spoiler of the car. Additionally, a collection of Schedoni baggage tailored specifically for the F40 comes with the sale.

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The F40 associated with Prost represents a captivating specimen. Not only is it the final Ferrari supercar to receive the approval of Enzo Ferrari himself, but it also boasts a former legendary owner. Despite Prost’s admission of minimal attention towards the car, RM Sotheby’s anticipates bidding reaching between $2.7 and $3.3 million once it goes under the hammer on May 10. This price point slightly surpasses the prevailing average, which currently hovers around $2.2 million, indicating that Prost’s connection will indeed influence the sale.

Best wishes in your bidding, dear affluent bidder.

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