Exciting Updates Await Chromebooks: Gemini and Fresh Google AI Features

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One noteworthy addition is the Assist Me Write feature, which operates in any text field. Simply select text in a text box and right-click to unveil a box alongside the typical right-click menu. You have the option to request Google’s AI to rephrase the selected text, rewrite it in a distinct manner, or adjust the tone. Experimenting with this feature in a few sentences of this narrative, I found the suggestions unsatisfactory, but your experience may differ. Perhaps I outshine Google’s AI in writing skills. Who can say?

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Google is introducing the same generative AI wallpaper system from Android to ChromeOS. This feature is accessible in ChromeOS’s wallpaper settings and permits image generation based on specific criteria. Interestingly, you can create these images while using a video-calling application. A menu option will appear next to the system tray whenever the microphone and camera are in use—simply select it and click “Create with AI” to create an image for your video call background. The idea of a background featuring a “surreal bicycle composed of pink and purple flowers” may not be everyone’s preference, but that’s AI for you!

A more practical addition is the Magic Editor in Google Photos, now also available for Chromebook Plus laptops, originally seen in Google’s Pixel 8 smartphones. Within the Google Photos app, tapping on Edit for a photo reveals the Magic Editor option. Additional editing tools may need to be downloaded to begin using this feature. Magic Editor lets you remove unwanted elements from photos, relocate subjects within the frame, and fill in photo backgrounds. I successfully removed a paint can from the background of a photo of my dog, and the process was swift.

Lastly, there’s Gemini. This standalone app offers a wide array of functionalities. Whether you need to craft a cover letter, simplify complex topics, or seek travel recommendations for a specific country, Gemini has you covered. Remember to double-check the outcomes and ensure they are accurate. New Chromebook Plus owners can access Google’s Gemini Advanced model for free for twelve months until the year’s end. This serves as an upgrade from Google One, providing Gemini for Workspace, 2 terabytes of storage, and various other perks.

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