Every Maserati Will Introduce an Electric Vehicle Version by 2025, Even the MC20 Supercar

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Stellantis is providing its brands with a ten-year opportunity to demonstrate their worth, and after enduring over ten years of challenges, Maserati could soon confront uncertain times, if it hasn’t already. Instead of fading away, it has opted for electrification, announcing on Thursday its intention to provide an electric variation of every single automobile in its range by 2025. That includes even the MC20 supercar.
Maserati’s electric lineup, to be named Folgore (Italian for lightning bolt), will kick off with the introduction of a new GranTurismo in 2023, expected to draw inspiration from the Alfieri concept. It will utilize electric propulsion technology developed in Formula E, possibly shared with a convertible GranCabrio as indicated in a 2020 product strategy. Previously, both were suggested to also draw power from the turbo V6 found in the MC20—I’ve contacted Maserati to verify if this is still the case.
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Maserati Folgore GranTurismo concept, Maserati

Similar electric drivetrains will drive the upcoming Grecale EV and the rest of the lineup, with Maserati explicitly naming the Levante SUV, a new Quattroporte sedan, and even the MC20 as recipients. There was no mention of the smaller Ghibli sedan, which is purportedly ceasing production next year without a replacement in sight.
All of this is expected to be realized by 2025, with Maserati aiming to have no more internal combustion models by 2030. Interestingly, Maserati also mentions plans to manufacture an electric “sports car” at some point in the next few years. As mentioned earlier, I am awaiting confirmation from Maserati whether this refers to the GranTurismo, MC20 Folgore, or something entirely different.
Other brands under the Stellantis umbrella are swiftly adopting electrification, potentially against the wishes of group CEO Carlos Tavares. Tavares argues that producing EVs is highly costly, affecting not only the automaker but also its suppliers. Nonetheless, Stellantis continues to introduce electrified vehicles across nearly all of its brands, while even Chrysler unveiled the Airflow EV Concept, speculated to potentially enter production in some form in the upcoming years.
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