Employees Escaped Through the Rear When Labor Inspectors Arrived at Hyundai Provider: Report

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An adolescent from Guatemala put together car body parts, while a youngster toiled in a hazardous metal stamping shop, and numerous other underage laborers were discovered in at least four Hyundai and Kia supplier factories, as per a Reuters report released on Friday.

The report outlines accusations at two provider facilities—Hwashin America Corp’s site in Greenville, Alabama and Ajin Industrial Co in Cusseta, Alabama—where workers reported laboring alongside a minimum of 10 minors. The plants, through spokespersons, claimed they had not engaged in hiring children at their premises, “to the best of our knowledge.”

Earlier this season, Reuters and the U.S. Department of Labor uncovered assertions that minors as young as 12 were employed in sundry Hyundai/Kia provider sites in Alabama. Since then, around 10 other supplier facilities have been scrutinized for breaching child labor regulations.

Per the Reuters report, state and federal examiners materialized unannounced at an Ajin-owned provider establishment in late August for a property examination. Upon their arrival, employees quickly fled through the rear of the premises before interrogation could take place.

Expressing its position, Hyundai indicated it would not “condone breaches of labor laws.” Furthermore, Hyundai stated to the Montgomery Advertiser in October that it would probe allegations at its providers and sever relations with entities previously implicated, such as SL Alabama and SMART Alabama. In August, the U.S. Labor Department sued SL Alabama for employing minors at its Alexander City facility in Alabama, where it produces headlights, taillights, and side mirrors for Hyundai and Kia, fining the provider $30,000 for infringements.

Alabama and the U.S. bar factory employment for individuals aged 16 or below and tasking in assembly or hazardous production for individuals aged 18 or below. In statements from Hyundai, Kia, and pertinent suppliers, blame was primarily assigned to third-party staffing agencies for hiring underage employees.

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